Almar's Gift Triangle Tale - SCP-ES-058-EX

Story Synopsis:

- A fairly new junior researcher is involved in testing with SCP-ES-058-EX, something goes horribly wrong and a bunch of people end dead, and the researcher is totally fine. Because of 058-EX's properties, everyone (including the researcher) thinks it was his fault, and he is ostracized at work. However, he's absolutely certain he couldn't have killed all those people, so he does some serious digging into the 058-EX logs and figures out by himself that it's antimemetic, but when he tries to prove it, he makes a fool of himself, gets fired, and then kills himself by locking himself in 058-EX's room.

Researcher Sylvester "Sylvie" Perkins reloads his gun. Across the room, an electric razor shudders violently against the brittle wood of the table it is standing on. Its hostile tremors are the only noise aside from the metric timpani of Sylvie's heart against the side of his chest. The razor locates an incline in the misshapen table and slides down. The air is still for a moment, but the silence is broken by the tool clattering on the hard floor below. On impact, its cheap plastic casing shatters like glass, sending the battery flying out, and rolling neatly into the pocket of Dr. Marth Curless, who is on the floor, unconscious.

Sylvie falls to his knees and begins to sob, heavily. The door opens and five armed MTF operatives storm the room. They see Sylvie, covered in blood. Everyone else in the room is dead1. He is restrained and brought in for questioning. A video is presented to Sylvie from one of the cameras in the room. It shows him swinging around madly, using the razor to brutally dismember and maim every member of his containment team, accompanied by the sounds of existential shrieking and blood splattering on the pristine white walls of the chamber. It's irrefutable evidence, but Sylvie swears he wasn't in control of himself, that some outside force was influencing his actions, driving him to the brink of insanity.

Sylvie is not reprimanded, but the effects of the incident prove difficult to deal with nonetheless. After a week long break, he returns not to open arms, but to turned heads and cold faces. None of his coworkers acknowledge his presence, aside from a passing "murderer" in the hall. Sylvie runs to the bathroom, overcome with some nonspecific horrible emotion, and vomits spittle into the urinal nearest the door. He leaves the bathroom and seeks out the office of the researcher who muttered to him, but when he attempts to enter, he finds that the door is locked from the inside. Sylvie taps the glass of the window to get the attention of the researcher, who looks up, scowls, and presses a button on a remote on his desk that covers the shades. Sylvie does his best not to break down in the middle of the hallway.