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// Warning: The following file details information that registers as a level two communicative hazard. 
// Please do not attempt to transfer any knowledge of the contents without permission from a level four researcher assigned to the file.
// import packages and call external classes
import java.util.*;
import main.scp;
import main.foundationProtocol;
public class scp {
    // initialize scp components
    private scpObject scp = new scpObject();
    private objectClass class = new objectClass();
    // initialize site and containment components
    private Site site = new Site();
    private Scanner sensor = new Scanner(getMotion());
    // initialize main method
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    // convert "scp" to "SCP-5235"
    public String toString(scpObj scp) {
        System.out.print("SCP-" + scp.num);
    // convert "site" to "Site-96"
    public String toString(Site site) {
        System.out.print("Site-" + site.num);
    // run advanced protocols
    public void runAdvanced() {
    // begin printing document
    public void printDocument() {
        scp.num = 5235;
        site.num = 96;
        class.value = 2;
        if (class.value == 0) {
            scp.class = "Safe";
        } else {
            if (class.value == 1) {
                scp.class = "Euclid";
            } else {
                if (class.value == 2) {
                    scp.class = "Keter";
                } else {
                    if (class.value == 3) {
                        scp.class = "Thaumiel";
                    } else {
    // continue printing document
    public void foundationFile(scpObj scp) {
        System.out.println("Item #: " scp + "\n");
        System.out.println("Object Class: " + scp.class + "\n");
        if (sensor.nextInt() <= 26) {
            System.out.println("Special Containment Procedures: " + scp + " is kept in a high security containment cell at " + site + ". All personnel involved in the maintainance of the cell are to be kept unaware of " + scp + "'s properties, and are forbidden from communicating about it or the nature of its existence in any form other than verbal.");
        } else {
        System.out.println("Description: " + scp + " is a corpse that is biologically identical to James Gosling, the lead developer of the Java programming language. " + scp + " experiences occasional muscle spasms, despite a full lack of electronically induced pulses or otherwise measurable nervous activity. James Gosling, who currently works in the technology industry, claims no affiliation to " + scp " and has made it clear that he knows no reason for its existence or connection to his likeness.");
        System.out.println("When information about " + scp + " is transferred in written form, it will begin to deteriorate over time, as well as having additional phrases and blocks of text appear or replace existing text. The additional text manifests as print statements from the java programming language, often containing nonspecific warnings and pleas for help. The only form of written communication that is not affected by " + scp + " is java code, a fact which Gosling has not yet provided an explanation towards.");
    // print addenda
    public void fileAddendum() {
        String[] addenda = initAddenda();
        for (int x = 0; x < addenda.length; x++) {
            System.out.println("Addendum " + x + "\n-----------");
    // organize addenda
    public String initAddenda() {
        String[] addenda = new String[2];
        addenda[0] = "[Begin Log]" 
                + "Dr. Rouslin: Hi James, thanks for coming in today."
                + "Professor Gosling: Hey, before we go any further, let's cut the prologue, because I know who you guys are, and I know what this whole operation is about. So don't try to pull any fast ones on me, I'm quite aware of the SCP Foundation's motives."
                + "Dr. Rouslin: I understand." 
                + "Professor Gosling: Good. Good." 
                + "Dr. Rouslin: Now, James, I-"
                + "Professor Gosling: It's Professor Gosling." 
                + "Dr. Rouslin: Sorry?"
                + "Professor Gosling: Don't call me James, call me Professor Gosling."
                + "Dr. Rouslin: I... of course, professor. Now, I know I asked you this before, but just to clarify for the recording, you have no idea where that body came from, or why those print statements appear on everything written about it?"
                + "Professor Gosling: Correct."
                + "Dr. Rouslin: And you have no idea why the only form of written communication that is not affected by the body is java?"
                + "Professor Gosling: No idea."
                + "Dr. Rouslin: Despite the fact that you are the lead developer of the language."
                + "Professor Gosling: Despite the fact that I am the lead developer of the language."
                + "Dr. Rouslin: Alright. Now, let's get to this."
                + "[Dr. Rouslin pulls a sheet of papers out of a manilla folder and hands it to Professor Gosling.]"
                + "Dr. Rouslin: This is a list of every print statement we've gathered that the body has created. We're still trying to make sense of it, but so far we can't figure out what it could mean. Thought you might want to have a look, see if it corresponds to anything you're familiar with."
                + "Professor Gosling: Let's see then."
                + "[Professor Gosling begins to read the first sheet of paper. As he continues to read, his eyes widen into a look of panic.]"
                + "Dr. Rouslin: Are you alright, professor?"
                + "[Professor Gosling reads further and further down the list, frantically. He looks left and right, before grabbing the papers and running out of the room, and down the hall.]"
                + "Dr. Rouslin: Wha- Professor Gosling! Wait a second!"
                + "[Dr. Rouslin runs out of the room after Professor Gosling, but is unable to catch up with him.]"
                + "[End Log]";
        addenda[1] = "The following is a short list of examples of print statements that " + scp
                + " has generated during testing." + "System.out.print('Help');" + "System.out.print('Can't move');"
                + "System.out.print('Trapped inside');" + "System.out.print('Where am I');"
                + "System.out.print('My body is gone');" + "System.out.print('Please help me');"
                + "System.out.print('He is lying');" + "System.out.print('They will do the same');";
        addenda[2] = "On March 11th, 2020, every computer in " + site
                + " went offline for a brief interval, during which their screens displayed a single line of code, "
                + finalCode() + ". Following the event, " + scp + " lost all anomalous properties indefinitely.";
        return addenda;
    public String finalCode() {
        return ("jamesGosling.quit()");