SCP Designation SCP Designation Containment Method
SCP-457 - A sentient being entirely composed of flames, it will actively seek out sources of fuel to grow its size (including humans) and assimilate other flames and flammable materials into its total form. As SCP-457 grows larger, it is able to assume more complex shapes, and its intelligence increases and after reaching unknown threshold of size and fuel source, SCP-457 can split itself into two beings, and so on so forth. Its ultimate goal is to acquire larger sources of fuel and to spread itself. SCP-3280 - A hostile sapient entity composed of a fluid physically identical to water, It is able to incorporate non-anomalous water into its mass and it will actively seek out humans within its vicinity. if allowed to escape it will constitute an XK-class end of the world scenario, once it becomes incorporated into the planet's water cycle. SCP-457 was lured by a drone into SUP-LEVEL 2 until they reached the Sup-Level's warehouse, at which point the drone despatches SCP-310-02 for SCP-457 to consume. After burning and consuming the entire warehouse it begins splitting itself and wandering deep into the level to find more fuel eventually coming across SCP-3280 in the process, due to SCP-457 strong aversion to water and SCP-3280 presiveing SCP-457 as a living being they begin to attacking each other, because of SCP-457 consumption of SCP-310-02 SCP-3280 is unable to extinguish SCP-457 -Edmund S. Rowen