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Part One: The Sun In The Walls


As you wake.

So it begins.

Your name is Mathew Clarks, you've been working at a new job for about two weeks now. You know very little about the SPC, no S-C-P Agency? No, the Foundation maybe? Yes, the SCP Foundation that's it. But then.

You wake and find yourself in a derelict room, Alit only by the sun seeping through the rusted and cracked walls.

As you stare you think to yourself.

"Wait where exactly am I?"

You think, but as you concentrate a pounding headache reveals itself.

You pray for release but the blood vessels continue to fester and condense against your skull.

Slowly the pressing of your cool hands against your eyes relieves you of the pain.

"Ah that's better." You say to yourself before coming to the conclusion that you're alone.

At first the tattered and wax-like walls seem inviting as it is possible that you could break them away and be free of your prison. But something about the seeping light seems off. You peer through and you're nearly blinded by the intense artificial light of, "wait floating orbs?"

"Damn, well I guess I'm underground then seeing that behind the orbs is nothing but bedrock."

"Maybe I can find an elevator or some teleporter thing, seeing that there are fucking floating balls of light probably a mear half of a Kilometer from the Mantle.

Unfortunately, you're out of luck. The only breach from the rusted cage is a winding staircase with its termination far out of sight.

You take your first step and even the most slight change in elevation causes you the stager.

"What happened?", "How long have I been out?", "Is It daytime, I have to get to work now?"
All of these thoughts flood your mind as if a dam broke and all of your anxieties come flooding down upon you.

"Ok just remember you have to do this, prove to them that I'm one of them right. Yes, that will do it then they'll all like me. "

You take one more step.

"Ugh god damn, MM! Go go."

" Left, Right, Left, Righ. There the endorphins are probably kicking in now. Come on let's go,"

"One, two, three, four flights. Come on I just got a new job, this has to be some fucked up Hazing ritual right. But that wouldn't explain the bedrock."

You stop to think.

"Oh, maybe the bedrock is fake and this whole thing is one of those escape room I've always heard about> But those are expensive. There's no way they spent at the very least $200.00 just to screw with me."

You continue to climb.

"Thank god finally a room. NO! It's locked.

You sink all of your weight into the soft rotted wood of the door and after applying some pressure it gives way revealing a makeshift lab containing all of the essentials. At the far corner is a computer. Upon closer inspection, you find there to be no manufacture markings or model number.

"That's weird, but again this just probably some escape room. Heh, I bet it was the senior researchers from Sector-9. Those fuckers always had it out for me. Real original pick on the new guy. Cliche as it is, there's going to be a clue on the computer or that's part of the game. They expect me to go to the computer. Screw this place!"

You turn over the table closest to your reach.

CRASH!!! "Well, that didn't do anything right I'll have to try something else. Let's try the computer. (Sound of moving mechanical parts) there's only one file, SCP-5000? Shit, I knew it this does have something to do with work."

Terminal #001

Welcome, User

Accessing File: "SCP-5000-IT_1"

Written: 4/12/1987

Iteration 1/[[DATA MISSING]]

Item #: SCP-5000
Object Class: Euclid


A portion of SCP-5000-1 taken from a safe distance. Provisional SIte-581 is visible in the background.

Special Containment Procedures: A 2.5 Meter electrified fence has been constructed around the confines of SCP-5000's anomalous properties. A concrete structure of identical dimensions surrounds the perimeter of Provisional Site-581 lined with sound dampeners due to the public location of the anomaly and Facility. In an event in which a civilian and/or unauthorized personnel inquire as to the nature of Provisional Site-581, a cover story of A superfund site due to improper disposal of Cadmium slag has been distributed to the surrounding area.

Personnel on notice for transfer to Provisional Site-581 from supplemental duties on other projects are to undergo the following protocols. Be administered a Milgram Obedience exam and receive 55% across all fields. Per orders by Dr. Andria Philips, newly transferred personnel are not to be informed of the nature of SCP-5000 or any relations thereof.

Description: SCP-5000 is an extra-spatial/extra-temporal anomaly existing within the former Edgewood State Park, New York now Provisional Site-581. The anomaly spans across a 0.5 Kilometer radius with the anomalous properties increasing in severity according to the Subject's distance from SCP-5000-2. Located towards the center of the former park is a long stretching road of indeterminate length.

Accessing SCP-5000-1 via its southern border and traversed in a clockwise motion for a minimum of 5 Meters the subject will present symptoms similar to that of exposure to low Hume levels. Despite this SRAs have had no noticeable effect on the Object's properties and in some instances increasing SCP-5000's area of effect by over 4 Kilometers. Although this is minor, effects have proven to be more detrimental in cases where the Subject traverses SCP-5000-1 from its northern border. In these cases, subjects have shown rapid mutations in neurological cells causing rapid personality changes, genetic mutations, development of non-standard sexual reproductive organs.

In 0.75% of cases, a subject will not be physically affected by the anomaly in any fashion. The Subject will be overcome with a compulsory effect to continue walking the length of the path. Expeditions have varied from 30 seconds to almost 7 days, with the subject expiring of malnutrition prior to contacting SCP-5000-2. Once the expedition is "completed" SCP-5000-1 terminates at the base of a massive entity designated SCP-5000-2. Physical features will occasionally vary, but in all recorded instances SCP-5000-2 is described to appear to be a deciduous tree of notable size reaching approximately 5 kilometers.

Note: Despite the size of the objects, it has never been seen outside of SCP-5000's area of effect.

SCP-5000-2 has proven sapient being able to telepathically vocalized a variety of languages including, English, Spanish, French, German and Sweedish. With this form of communication, no tangible records of SCP-5000's vocalizations exist and are hypothesized based on exposed subjects' responses to apparent communications. As of this date, no Subjects that have interacted with SCP-5000-2 have been recovered in exception to %^&(%$&






"Wait, no this has to be a joke, what is this why would someone write this? God, I… I'm tired.No, no, I can't fall asleep, I have to remember I have too, it's the least I can do.

You fall away leaving Mathew alone with the turned over desk melting to flesh writhing in anger for his sins.

Part Two: The Tree That Weeps

You come to, you're now Clair P. Audrey. You're frustrated but you can't tell why.

"Oh god that's right, it's the year anniversary Mathew's dis… You start to sob. H.. He was just finally getting his life back on track, he had just gotten a job and he'd finally stopped drinking and we were going to…

You pull yourself together as you hear a knock. The door swings open and it's Margret, Mathew's mother. She had come over to collect the last of your fiancé's items. As she walks in she doesn't even look at you as if your one with the air. You think to yourself.

"How could she blame me, as If I could have known. Of course, he was depressed from what happened to Sarah, but you knew you would never be able to replace her but you tried. Even when Mathew was at his worst. When he lost his job and even when he couldn't pay back the loan sharks because he wanted to "prove" his worth."

You go over it in your head, how you're not going to look at her, acknowledge her as she does in return. Yet all the escape your mouth is.

"I'm sorry."

You just sat there pondering your own selfish desires while my son worked for you because of your lack of work ethic, my son drove himself off the edge for YOU and you're sorry?

"You know it wasn't like that!"

You know that there was a reason but you try to think about what exactly it was and you break out in a splintering headache. Despite your visible affliction Margret continues to berate you of a variety of factors.

You at first handle it well but slowly her verbal assaults where you down finally you exclaim.


It all stops everything the air whispering through the cracks in the windows the birds screeching and even Margret. Everything begins to fall to darkness, you find yourself suspended in a void with a humanoid shape about 5 Meters in front of you. You reach your hand out but then your back, but something's different. Margret isn't there, only a table turned over in the corner.

"That isn't right."

You feel the urge, no the need to burn that table. But why? You can't remember buying it yet you know it's wrong.

"No, it has to be OCD yes? That's it."

You begin to slowly walk away but you can't stop thinking about it. Everything you think of comes back to that table, everything.

"I have to burn it, I have to burn it NOW!"

You clasp the unusually soft wood of the table and hurl it down the flight of stairs leading to the door of your apartment. Feeling for the doorknob out of view from the table. Your hand finally senses the cold chipped metal of the handle. You swing the door open to force the table out although some invisible force holds it back you pull with all of your might and a portion of the table's leg breaks off and you stagger back from the inertia. You spring back to your feet and snatch the table once more.

You force the table into the rear of your car. "Where can I burn it?" "I know."

"Wait, what? No that's not me eh God."

"But I have to. Right? Y. Yes we I have to go now. I know, I know, I know. Just half a mile to go. Ok, I'm here."

The rhythmic pounding in your chest begins to subside. For the last time, you tear the retched looking table from the car and instinctually drag it towards a tree a little way through the abandoned park. You place the tree against the large tree and as if this has occurred every day of your life you stand there with boredom as the table bursts into an un-naturally orange flame hissing but not from the fire, from the tree it was yelling at you with disappointment and unsatisfaction.

Then you heard it> SNAP! The unmistakable;e sound of a twig snapping maybe 4 Meters east? Then it hits you that gut-wrenching twitch of paranoia as if you're being watched.

You turn and face the mysterious force, It's a child? But no, it's wrong. It carries itself as if lurching forward as if commanded by an invisible force. Something awakens within you that you haven't felt in many, many years. The feeling that you would have as a small child when the power went out in the storm. The fear of not understanding how or why something is

You turn to run but as you do you hear a voice. Almost like a child but staticky as if you were listening to an old broken down recording of a child.


It's waited so long to see you again.


You hear it in your head, the trees the ground, everything. You're suddenly paralyzed in an unrelenting fear.

The abomination stalks closer towards you. 2 Meters, 1, a half. The creature is now at your side. It grabs your shoulder. Then all of a sudden you feel nothing, absolutely nothing.

Suddenly you're wisped back in time days, months, years, the land begins to distort and change what are now trees form into concrete, rebar and other artificial constructs then it stops.

You're now in front of a massive structure spanning as far as your vision permits. As you take your first step, you feel a bit disoriented and dizzy. As you continue the peculiar feeling begins to drift away. You reach the steal blast door with its only remarkable feature being a chrome-colored keypad with its screen alit by ten square boxes indicating a numbered code.

"Why? What am I doing here, this doesn't make any sense what the hell was that thing before, where am I, what time is this?"

"There has to be a reason, right? Why would some monster or demon thing take me here? Does it think I know the code to get into this place?"

"Just go."


Please g..o it's 0010227596
Hell no, what are you what is this place and..

You start to feel a burning sensation in your chest that forces you forward.

"Ah god, damn you."

You weakly scream to the unknown voice as you have no choice but to submit to its demands of no known purpose.

You slowly pace yourself towards the blast door and input the non-sensical code provided by the mysterious voice lurking in the back of your head.

"00..1..022..75….96" You say the code softly to yourself fearing the consequences of inserting the incorrect numbers.


The door screeches to life as its many locks and gears fall away revealing the empty doorway.

You cautiously step into the dark and deserted labyrinthine. As your eyes adjust to the sudden darkness, you notice a door, no and elevator with another keypad and a note.


The area beyond this point has been designated the Class-Red area of Joint Containment Site-581 Per the Claridine agreement between the factions of the SCP Foundation and Global Occult Coalition. As to the impending danger of the object "SCP-5000." Per this agreement both parties previously stated will be stationed at this point until the time in which "SCP-5000" has been declared a Neutralized threat.

By The Guides,
The O5 Council and The High Command

You ponder to yourself as to what this could mean. Did you stumble upon a military base? Is SCP-5000 a virus or even a new superweapon being developed by the government? You turn to run but the realization sets in that the blast door has re-sealed itself. You sprint over to the internal panel and try the code.

"Damn it!"
The code is different, you now have no choice but to venture further into this mysterious structure.

You grasp at the pannel and squint in order to see the inscriptions, only illuminated by the faint red glow of the keys.

You mostly expect the entrance to the elevator to be controlled via a passcode, but no. The pixilated screen only reads "BREACH/FAIL PASS-OFF" flickering.

Breach? Is that about me? If so they know where I am and if I'm lucky I'll only be arrested.


A light above the doorway blinks red with the monotone sound of a bell. You take cover behind a desk. As you peer through the cracks of wood, a humanoid creature stumbles out and falls limp to the ground. You have no time, you leap towards the elevator and clear the doorway and mash all of the buttons rigorously finally, the door closes with a slight squeak. Level-12/56 you stop at and the door opens.

You step out and immediately overcome with the foul stench of something old and rotten.

Spanning down the corridor far out of sight is nothing but steel doors containing humanoid creatures all with a look of unrelenting pain. Each instance dressed in jumpsuits.

As you can not bear to look at their pained faces you look ahead. Quickening your pace as you wish to spend as little time in this God-forsaken place much longer. As you reach the corridors termination one of this facility's prisoners wails out to you.

You begin to sob as the scream is identical to how a person would if dying from a crushed trachea. You quickly sprint past the final cell with the small glance being of a humanoid shape with its face distorted into nothing more than one nostril acting as its nose, a beak-like mouth, and two night-black oculiform shapes what can only be described as eyes.

"It can't be. No, no." You cry incoherently "Jesus why does that thing look like Mathew? Damn it, no, but the eyes they were his but everything else is wrong."

You vomit profusely shortly before passing out from what you believe to be a panic attack. You awake several moments later in the same place you had been prior. As you stand the cold sweat on your forehead begins to wear away and you feel better. For a second you contemplate the possibility of there being no way out as to the elevator not have a higher floor than the first you entered on.

"Shit" You muffle in a horse and dehydrated voice. You continue walking towards a buzzing sound almost akin to a nat that pestered you on a bike ride on your 16th birthday. As you grow closer to the source of the sound it suddenly plateaus at a set of double doors with no apparent locking mechanism you push and the door opens with ease. The stench from before becomes almost sickening. Behind the door is a woman maybe early 30s late 20s. Her sterile white lab coat tainted by sprays of blood sourced to a single bullet wound possibly from a 9mm Lugar. In the woman's hands is a Minella folder heavily damaged from the humid air. As you open the file you notice that the interior cover has a document tapered to it.

WARNING: This iteration of SCP-5000 is an incomplete draft by former Junior Researcher Skylar Young. A completed document is available in the PRT archival banks.

Item#: 5000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Multiple individuals affected by SCP-5000. Individuals are currently believed to be the former Berton family.

Special Containment Procedures: As the full extent as to the nature of SCP-5000's anomalous properties is unknown standard containment protocols pertaining anomalies of SCP-5000's type are as follows. A 0.25 Kilometer buffer zone has been designated on all mappings of SCP-5000's containment site. Temporary housing units have been constructed for the purpose of acting as living quarters for researchers as well as necessary personnel. Dr. Andria Philips has been appointed the director of all operations during the construction of SCP-5000's permanent containment site. Due to the rural nature of SCP-5000-1, all points of entry including roads, harbors, and trails have been concealed or destroyed if a method is possible.

In an event in which exploration of the Eldsbrook church is required MTF Δ-13, "Mannequin Marauders" has been established consisting of individuals with much experience of traversal of unstable topography and handling of objects appearing in 4 dimensions. This is to only be enacted under extreme circumstances as due to the lack of gravity and atmospheric pressure it is very possible that matter present in the area will experience a 360° view of the environment causing severe strain on the mental state of those viewing the area.

SRAs have been partially effective in preventing the spread of the quantum fissure. Despite this SRAs are not to be brought within 5 Meters of the Eldsbrook Chruch, as a previously unknown effect will occur (See Addendum 5000.3 for more detail.)


SCP-5000-2 during its limited containment in a makeshift containment unit in the town's square. (It is to note that SRAs have had no visible effect on the entity.)

Description: SCP-5000 is theorized to be a Class-4 quantum "tear-away" located within the former Eldsbrook Church in Greenstich, New York. The town possesses numerous anomalous qualities related to long term exposure to low Humes. A localized singularity has manifested within a sublevel chamber of the town's church. The singularity has caused a total breakdown in physical conservation laws of matter and force. With this, the increased stress on the local reality the Schwarzschild boundary has increased from its previous entry point, being an antechamber leading to what was initially a basement, to the entirety of the church proper.

SCP-5000-2 bears the physical appearance to a female human between the ages of 24-30. The entity posses attire akin to that of clothing worn in Masquerade Balls. The entity first manifested several hours after SCP-5000's discovery. SCP-5000-2 emerged from the town's church stating "Pujian kepada orang yang membawa mata yang betul." Meaning "Praise to the person who brought the right eyes." This statement caused a Cognitohazardous effect on humans who heard the explanation. Once heard, exposed humans began to walk towards the church unconsciously and were promptly terminated due to exposure to the voided space.

SCP-5000-2 primarily exhibits low Pataphycial properties modifying local reality based on its own interpretation of the action or otherwise stimulus directed towards SCP-5000-2. In an event in which SCP-5000-2 undergoes a negative response to an action, it considers violent, SCP-5000-2 will transmute matter especially biological tissue into varying forms of plastics, polymers and crafting metals. This transformation has no effect on the motor functions of affected individuals and to date has only shown varying degrees of decrease mental cognition including a lack of properly perceiving reality. With this, victims of SCP-5000 and relations thereof often show no distress as to their current state and claim not to notice any change in their bodies.

Periodically, SCP-5000-2 will abduct un-affect humans matching the following criteria. The Subject must sexually identify as female, Subject be between the ages of 19 to 26 as well as a Subject must have been in a romantic relationship with an individual sexually identifying as male within the past decade. Once the desired Subject is targeted, SCP-5000-2 will partake in stalking behavior, transmuting possessions of a target into humanoid figures comprised of silicone and/or molded plastic. These figures most resemble that of humanoids with exaggerated features, such as Abnormal long limbs, distorted faces and in some instances a lack of certain features including the partial removal of the limb. These constructs have proven to be partially sapient, being capable of responses via simple gestures if the construct possesses joints. Constructs capable of hearing and communication have been educated in American Sign Language in order to properly interview them as to their origins and/or purpose. Throughout interviews, constructs have shown symptoms similar to that of those who have experienced severe traumatic events. Such as in most cases Constructs have shown laps in memory pertaining to memory repression. After approximately 1 week, SCP-5000-2 will manifest itself to the target's location. SCP-5000-2 will make direct physical contact with the target. Once this is complete they will be rendered brain dead before SCP-5000 displaces itself and the target into the town's church where the target will be forced into the singularity of The Space.

Interview Log:

Interview 5000-Alpha

Foreword: On the 29th of October 1990, a construct created by SCP-5000-2 was recovered capable of hearing and basic motor functions. Dr. Andria Philips offered to interview the subject as no suitable personnel were present at the time of the interview. Throughout, Dr. Philips was unusually unprofessional and was later reprimanded.

Begin Log

Dr. Andria Philips: "Howdy-Hia" COT-1022, can you hear me? Hm, don't just site there LOOK at me.

COT-1022: Shows visible distress towards Dr.Philips' presence.

Dr. Andria Philips: You wouldn't happen to have a name would you?

COT-1022: Signs the word M[[DATA EXPUNGED]].

Dr. Andria Philips: Interesting, I used to know someone by that na…

Director Welsh: Dr. Philips might I remind you that this will be going on record and that It is in your best interest to maintain a professional attitude during this interview.

Dr. Andria Philips: Of course, I dearly apologize to the both of, I've been quite ill lately. Let us continue.

Dr. Andria Philips: Do you possess any knowledge as to the identity of the entity who created you.

COT-1022: Signs It is a faction of the madness you wish to contain. It is of nature and sky with whom you wish to contain within you. It's you and me, the light at the end of your suffering.

Dя. @dr1an 9hi1ip$: As I thought we will al write within our own insanity for the sake and pain of S…

The lesser one of medicine perishes to be one, it turns and turns like a clock in the walls. I will bring you all true eyes and we will exist as one in our torn world.

Note: All data from the previous interview has been examined and concluded false post the interruption of D-28197. The interview was concluded and D-28197 was terminated. It is as of yet unknown as to the method that the stated D-Class accessed Limited access Sector-12.

Part Three: Up and Down and Again

Your stomach turns as the sudden realization of this means as anti-memetic gas is funneled through the air vents you know what this para natural beast is, what in terms of present it was once a who, a person, it was Sarah. She had lived in that town when she was a child. She has always spoken about "true eyes" But it was just a quirk right?

You turn as you hear a moan from the corpse next to you.

"P…Put the pieces back as two broken pieces can be united to repair. As glue wood and welding to metal."

You know what you must do, Go back to Greenstich meet her there, you can fix her save the rest bring them back. She's been all of them the Doctor, the one in masquerade, all of them. Every paranormal thing has come from the distraught ones who wish to stop the abominations or lock them tight. Their destruction has sprouted new "fissures" like cutting down a weeping willow and expecting its seeds to not plant themselves.

"Yes, that's it there."

You shout with excitement at two things one of being a slip of paper reveals itself to you. 9834017384, the code you found it this is what I'm here for.

You run past the cells of imprisoned horrors to the elevator where you seek refuge in and skim to the first floor. You input the code and…

It works. The blast door caves open and staring back at you is the child-like figure. Its hood removed revealing eyes. Familiar eyes, Mathew's eyes. When they were kids he would always have this shimmer in his eye.

"Do you see now why you're here?"

You can do nothing but sob as Mathew's former self grabs your shoulder and you're back.

A massive road stretches out in front of you. Trees, some burning hiss and screech as you sprint 1,2,3,4,5 Meters, and you're in the town. Greenstich, horrid and broken some children tearing of artificial limbs and consuming them just to feel some form of stimulus. You reach the church and understand. As you enter, you shift upwards but you push through as walls and rooms break apart warping into humanoid figures which charge yet you prevail finally you're there, the Antechamber, but it's different towards the ending is a winding staircase with its ending unknown 1, 2 flights cleared 4, 5,6 then 15 and 35 that's it a room there Mathew lays. He's alive but comatose you lay him on a chair as you notice a bit within is nothing but unnatural darkness swirling in hatred.

You plunge in and the cold air stuns you momentarily before subsiding in the center is everything. Sarah, Margret, Children, Animals everything it's ever consumed it was it's own but now it's everything. With each person, it grows wiser knows their thoughts, their feelings everything.

Kneel before us lesser.

"I have come to receive your eyes lord."

You claim baiting its selfish mind.

You recall the second thing the person had in the facility you retrieve it and lunge.

4 Dagars the First being carved with apes and plague, Second cell containing humanoid shapes twisting and turning, Third a massive serpent stares back looming from the beyond and finally, One of the forests and beast unspeakable all come together and…


The four blades cut through the beast with ease it at first wraiths in hatred spitting acidic blasphemies at you. Then You peer into its many eyes and see a glimpse of thanks.

It falls over itself many times then shatters with everything around going along then a flash.

You awake at your desk in Site-19.

"Shit" You think to yourself as you realize that you haven't yet completed your report of a newly discovered anomaly. SCP-18, no, SCP-173

"Hey, Mat did you hear anything from the HMCL on any changes in the sculpture?

Nah, that ass hat never tells me anything. Go ask her yourself.

You walk towards the desk of Sarah Jennings, the current acting HMCL supervisor of Site-19. But as you arrive her desk is empty. Your heart sinks as something seems familiar about this. You go back to your desk to ponder and see a new message that a new report has been done on a new anomaly.

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