SCP-7000 - Misfortune

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Exterior of Site-900 B

Item #: SCP-7000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone has been built around SCP-7000 to close it off to the public. 24 hour security through both posted guards and video surveillance is in full effect as of writing this document.

For further protection purposes, any mentions of Spring Valley, Colorado in any documents, digital or physical, are to be removed or destroyed on discovery. Additionally, testing and exploration of SCP-7000 is prohibited as of Incident 7000-B.1 All further operations relating to SCP-7000 are to be handled by individuals working at Site 900-B.2

Description: SCP-7000 is the abandoned Foundation Site-900-A. Prior to that, it was the abandoned town of Spring Valley, Colorado. Site-900-A was installed within SCP-7000's active anomalous zone after a series of calamitic deaths occurred within its residence.3


An instance of SCP-7000-1 (marked by red circle) appearing in a photograph taken by Garrison Maxwell twelve hours before he and his entire family fell victim to a massive avalanche collapsing on their house during Incident-7000-A.

SCP-7000-1 is the designation for a slender figure approximately 2.4 m in height. Individuals who observe SCP-7000-1 within SCP-7000 expire within the span of 12 hours due to a calamitous event.

However, SCP-7000-1 has a different type of interaction with individuals who were involved with population and/or construction within SCP-7000. Spring Valley's community architect Wilbur Hudson and Foundation site director Jamison Scott are both examples of this unorthodox interaction occurring.

Addendum 1 Case 1 - Wilbur Hudson and Incident-7000-A: Spring Valley was built around the base of Mount Sprigsteen, and expanded its residence between 1990-1991. Mr. Hudson spearheaded its production, starting from the neighborhoods surrounding the base of the mountain to the town centers and hiking trails near the top. When he was half way through the town's production, Mr. Hudson decided to visit a psychiatrist.

He had spoke of having a reoccurring nightmare. The dream consisted of his mother driving his childhood self in the nighttime. In the dream, his mother has to use the restroom, so she parks at a nearby gas station. His mother tells him that she is going to be right back, and leaves Mr. Hudson in the car alone.

After waiting for what seems like hours, he hears a tapping on the door to his left. He looks over. There is a tall, thin humanoid figure with prickly grey hair and luminescent yellow eyes4 peering through the car door window. He asks the figure where his mother was. Instead of responding, the figure's head vibrates and lets out a droning howl. It is at this point in the dream where Mr. Hudson wakes up.

Spring Valley's neighborhood construction was finished on December 4, 1991. It was during this period of time where Mr. Hudson isolated himself in his house, and refused to answer anyone who contacted him through phone or mail.

On December 8, 1991, an event designated Incident-7000-A occured. Around 5,000 people within the town's residence suffered calamitic fatalities within the span of twelve hours. The full list of casualties can be found in the Incident-7000-A Casualty Reference Sheet, but include:

  • Maxwell family succumbed to an avalanche on the west side of Mount Sprigsteen (See photo #2 in SCP-7000 file).
  • Jason Wallace (59, male) found on Magpie Rd, face-down in asphalt with motorcycle approx. 3 m behind. Mandible found halfway between with gums and torn skin still attached.
  • The Mudson family found laced in between the telephone pole lines in the town center. Observation of injuries conclude that limbs were severed through forceful stretching. The family's Jeep Liberty was found approx. 4 m away from the location of the casualties.
  • Jill Haden (40, female) found on Gerrymander hiking trail. Lacerations and bite marks appear to come from an Ursus americanus (black bear). Left arm and head found approx. 0.9 m away with ligaments still attached.

Due the irregular amount of catastrophic and seemingly random deaths occurring in Spring Valley, the area was suspected of anomalous activity. MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") were deployed in Spring Valley soon after the incident occurred. A massive relocation and amnestication effort was put into effect for all surviving citizens.

Mr. Hudson's house was one of the many residences MTF-Epsilon-6 stormed during their search and rescue mission. They found him in his bedroom with multiple cuts and abrasions in his neck, stomach, forearms, thighs, and calves. He held a kitchen knife in his right hand. Despite suffering blood loss that would regularly be fatal, Mr. Hudson remained alive. The following log is an interview that occurred post-discovery.

Date: December 8, 1991

Interviewer: Agent Markus Rhodes

Interviewee: Wilbur Hudson


Rhodes: So, what in the absolute hell happened here?

Mr. Hudson: I tried to… (gag) escape it. The thing in my head.

Rhodes: Thing in your head huh? You responsible for all this? All the death down there in the valley?

Mr. Hudson: No. No I- I didn't do anything. I swear. Just- get me out of this place. Let me go somewhere where I can just die.

Rhodes: Well, why can't you just die here? You've got all the work done it seems.

Mr. Hudson: It won't-

Mr. Hudson vomits all over himself. He then wipes his face and continues.

Hudson: It won't let me. It wants me to live so I can suffer. It's been haunting my mind, my dreams. I think it just really wants me to- to leave.

Rhodes: To leave? Well, why haven't you left?

Mr. Hudson: I thought it was just like- like a psychological thing, like a manifestation of some sort of anxiety about my work. Turns out, I should have just fucking listened to it.


I saw it, that grey hairy bastard right in front of me before all that shit happened down there. It was just staring down at me. I don't know what I did to upset it but- it seemed like it was frowning. God just- just get me out of here.

Rhodes looks down and sighs. After a few seconds, he takes out his walkie-talkie.

Rhodes: Bravo, I want you to get command to lock down the entirety of Spring Valley and begin investigations immediately. Over.


Mr. Hudson was evacuated via air support out of Spring Valley. Once he left its perimeter, he expired due to his various injuries.

Addendum 2 - Jamison Scott and Incident 7000-B: After Spring Valley's mass evacuation and amnesticization, Site-900-A was installed within SCP-7000's active anomalous zone. The site's construction was spearheaded by Site 900's director Jamison Scott. Scott wrote the following document distributed to all posted personnel at the newly-founded site:

To all Site-900-A Personnel,

As of June 10, 1992, construction of Site-900-A has concluded. All personnel must report to the main floor common room on June 12.

It is crucial for all personnel to know the safety measures put in place to further prohibit SCP-7000's effects. Since SCP-7000 has been observed to be a probabilistic anomaly, we are using this opportunity to test out a device Dr. Mitchel Bataan has developed to deal with probabilistic anomalies, designated D.I.C.E (Dependence Isolating Contingency Engine) Thaumaturgic Ward. D.I.C.E makes it so a variable can no longer be dependent on a random integer within a designated area. This makes it so the variable of "death" is dependent on a non-random integer so personnel don't expire due to seemingly random circumstance.

This device in theory should force SCP-7000-1 to terminate its targets in a more projected and direct pattern other than probability. This will allow our containment forces to bait it and properly detain it.

If one is to encounter SCP-7000-1 (described in SCP-7000 document, required reading) while posted, they are to press the nearest siren activation lever and leave Site-900-A within 12 hours after the initial encounter, which will send our containment team to the location promptly. Personnel who encounter SCP-7000-1 are to be relocated to a site designated by Site-900's head director.

Personnel who read, understand, and follow the above protocols should be able to survive during the baiting stage. Compliance and knowledge is key for success.

May we be blessed with good fortune.

- Director Jamison Scott

After this document was produced, Dir. Scott reported having a reoccurring nightmare similar in fashion to Hudson from the above addendum. The dream involved SCP-7000-1 laughing in a monotone voice while lingering over his bed. Dir. Scott largely ignored these nightmares. When he was further questioned, he said that he "won't let the bastard deter him from his work."

On June 13, 1992, Incident 7000-B occurred at Site-900-A. A log of events can be found below:


6:25 pm MDT: Security footage shows Dr. Bataan working alone in his office on a D.I.C.E Thaumaturgic Ward. As he is working, SCP-7000-1 fades into view from the open corridor leading into Dr. Bataan's office.

6:27 pm MDT: Dr. Bataan finally notices SCP-7000-1. SCP-7000-1 immediately de-manifests and Dr. Bataan and presses the Siren Activation Lever near his desk. As he runs out of his office down the corridor, the power to the building goes out, deactivating security cameras for approximately five minutes.

6:32 pm MDT: Security system goes back online as power is restored in the site. Security cam footage in the office wing corridor shows Dr. Bataan lying face first on the floor. His pelvis and legs have been dismembered from his torso by a piece of ceiling that fell from above.

6:49 pm MDT: Armed containment team arrives in office corridor. They step over Dr. Bataan's corpse into his office and search around. Around the time of their arrival, a rainstorm starts to loom over Site-900-A.

6:50 pm MDT: Power goes out for a second time within Site-900-A, disabling security cameras.

7:01 pm MDT: Entire containment team terminated from collapsed Populus fremontii (Fremont Cottonwood Tree). Three members were crushed by a section of its trunk while the seven other members were pierced/lacerated by various debris.

7:02 pm MDT: SCP-7000-1 materializes over the corpses of the containment team, staring directly at the camera. It cocks its head.

7:05-7:30 pm MDT: Multiple calamitous deaths occur across the entire site due to various disasters originating from the storm.

8:06 pm MDT: Security footage outside of the site shows SCP-7000-1 standing idle in front of the largely-destroyed site facing the camera. It unhinges its jaw up-and-down without emitting any noise. The security footage then cuts out.


The following is a document distributed to the leading director's team at Site-900 written by Director Scott.

To Site Command,

Me and my team have drastically miscalculated the nature of SCP-7000. I as the lead director of this project am solely responsible for the travesty that occurred on the 13th of June. SCP-7000-1's attacks are not probabilistic as me and my team hypothesized. They are cold, calculated, and are a means to drive us out of its territory.

All the procedures I put in place, including D.I.C.E, were useless. Incident 7000-A laid the groundwork for their creation, as me and the team thought that it gave us a clear idea of how the anomaly worked. We were gravely mistaken. Now I know why it was laughing at me. It knew that none of us could prevent the inevitable.

I learned over the past 24 hours that there are some anomalies in this world that are not to be tampered with, and are to be left alone without question. This is a lesson that I will unfortunately forget.

I am going to resign my title as director. I will go through the proper amnestication process and return home to my family. I don't want to remember the travesty I caused due to this failure of a containment attempt. My last order of business is to restrict any testing or exploration of SCP-7000. Just leave the damn thing alone. Don't make the same mistakes I did.

Godspeed to the entirety of Site-900.

- Director Jamison Scott

Note: Dir. Scott has not left SCP-7000 since the distribution of this letter. Security footage has shown him leaving the Site's main building, but not leaving the premises. His whereabouts are as of now unknown.