The following audio transcript was recorded during the recovery of SCP-4299. MTF Pi-30 agent Hart was the first to locate and interact with SCP-4299.



(MTF Pi-30 agent Hart was instructed to investigate the eastern sector of SCP-4299's garden until accidentally locating SCP-4299.)

SCP-4299: Bonjour bon monsieur, un peu tard pour prendre une promenade de minuit non?1
(Agent Hart looks around the area.)

Hart: Who said that? Reveal yourself.

SCP-4299: Oh, un anglophone!2 To your left Monsuier, I'm in the rose bush down here!

(Hart continues to glance around until SCP-4299 is seen waving with its right leaf.)

Hart: Are you the one who was just speaking to me?

SCP-4299: Oui, monsieur! I was just wondering what you are doing out so late?

Hart: Well, I'm here about a woman who passed away in this garden earlier today. Are you connected to this?

SCP-4299: Non, I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you are talking about! (SCP-4299 giggles to itself)

Hart: Can you tell me your name at least?

SCP-4299: My name? I don't believe I've had anyone ask me such a question yet…

(SCP-4299 pauses for a minute)

SCP-4299: I believe the name 'Madame Delarose' has a very delicate sound to it, I wouldn't mind being called that.

Hart: Do you not have a name?

SCP-4299: You could call me 'Eleonore' too, that has a very elegant ring.

SCP-4299: Oh! Goodness I've been so blind this whole time, I am evidently the Queen of Roses! I'm here to watch over this garden and make people happy, oui, that is my title.

Hart: Okay, I'll refer to you as that.

(SCP-4299 does a bow.)

Hart: Well, how long have you been here?

SCP-4299: Monsieur, you are in my garden; you are my guest! At least allow me to ask you a few questions.

Hart: Please answer the question.

SCP-4299: Could you possibly tell me a little bit about yourself? I'm very interested in learning about you, I haven't met an English speaker for some time now!

Hart: (Over the radio as SCP-4299 is speaking) Commander, I believe I've located the anomaly. Come to the eastern section of the garden, over.

MTF Pi-30-1: Roger that, Hart. Everyone report to the eastern sector of the garden stat, over.

Hart: My name is Craig Hart, and you're not going to be here for much longer. We're going to be extracting you from this garden and you will be taken to-

SCP-4299: Okay, so your name is Hart oui? That's a very sweet name.

Hart: …Thank you.

SCP-4299: Now then, why are you dressed like that? You look as though you are going to harm someone, which genuinely worries me; pain is not accepted in this garden!

(Hart remains silent.)

SCP-4299: What's wrong, dear? Cat got your tongue?

Hart: Just wait, please.

SCP-4299: Sweetheart, please. I'd be a bad host if I just ignored you, talk to me!

(Hart can be heard taking a deep breath.)

Hart: Okay, fine. Fine. I'm dressed like this because it's my job to find things like you and put them in a box. Now please, shut up and wait.

SCP-4299: Goodness, you are a very uptight man. I know how to fix that, however.

(SCP-4299 plucks one of it's petals and holds it toward agent Hart.)

SCP-4299: If you take this petal and make it into a tea, I promise you that you will learn how to see life in pink.

(Hart remains silent)

SCP-4299: What do you say, dearie?

Hart: No, I don't want to take your petal.
(SCP-4299 cocks it's head back, seeming offended by agent Hart.)

SCP-4299: Well then, that wasn't very nice. But I accept your decision. Au revoir, Hart.


Following the interaction with SCP-4299, MTF Pi-30 commander Darryl Everwood used a shovel to uproot SCP-4299. The action caused the rose SCP-4299 was inhabiting to become non-anomalous, causing the entity to remanifest inside a nearby rose. SCP-4299 then vocalized the following to commander Darryl Everwood: 'Goodness gracious! That is certainly no way to treat a lady, monsieur. Take me out on a date first!'