Ihp's Talebox 3

Dinosaurs reigned supreme over the earth for over two-hundred million years. The idea that none of them evolved an ounce of technological aptitude, a modicum of intelligence, an ounce of sapience, is an absurd and astounding one. Humans achieved world domination in less than a hundredth of that, and yet the fossil record contains no traces of any form of dinosaur civilization. Or does it?

—Excerpt from Dino-Civilization: The Argument For Intelligent Dinosaurs by Dr. W.R. Illium

"I'm telling you, that's a laser cannon on the blue one." Ursula Nunez tried her best not to sound giddy. "Dinosaurs with laser cannons. Like we're in James Bond or something."

"They ain't dinosaurs." Stella Delacruz frowned at the photo displayed on the monitor in front of her. "They're raptors, and they don't have feathers. I don't care what some hacks at Universal say, dinosaurs have feathers."