Presented In The Hopes Of Discovering Context


Following a catastrophic server failure at Site-75, SCP-XXXX's core file was destroyed, leaving only supplementary notes, an untranscribed interview, and several images lacking context. While containment procedures were recovered from a backup, the description and most addenda were unrecoverable.

In an effort to restore data and discover context, Department of Miscommunications Agent Jessamine Wale interviewed several individuals responsible for SCP-XXXX's initial containment. These findings have been presented below for interested parties to inspect. Notes made by Agent Wale are presented in italics.

Date: 12/03/2021

Subject: Dr. Marcus Parks, Hazardous Materials Containment Laiason, Site-75.

Parks ran point on containing SCP-XXXX. I heard about it all the way in Moscow when they managed to get it in a cell in Arizona. But that's the thing: it was in a cell. Why ask for an agent from the Department of Miscommunications to get back information, when an IT guy could do it just as easily? I felt sour about this before I even sat down to talk to him.

Dr. Parks looks like what would happen if Tommy Chong switched out weed for whites. Grey and bushy hair, but thin, twitchy, and wearing glasses that make it hard for me to see his eyes half the time. It makes me uncomfortable.

We meet in his office on the tenth floor of Site-75. It's one of the few aboveground Sites in the American Southwest, and from here, we can see a good part of Downtown Phoenix. The air conditioning makes me feel like I'm in Dr. Zhivago.

Dr. Parks: I appreciate you coming to us on such short notice. This whole situation is, suffice to say… incredibly embarrassing.

Agent Wale: And the data is completely unrecoverable?

Dr. Parks: We've tried everything short of time travel to recover it. The file's gone, barring the containment procedures— even then, a good quarter of that is corrupted. We still don't know the full capabilities of its anomaly, so we're covering all of our bases.

Agent Wale: You think that it's responsible for the server failure?

Dr. Parks: How did you know the server caught fire?

Agent Wale: …I didn't. I said failure.

**Dr. Parks:* Well. It did. Techs are saying it's just overheating, but… I've worked with Foundation systems for over twenty years. I've never seen a server catch fire under circumstances that weren't anomalous.

Agent Wale: How much of the containment procedures did you recover? I'd prefer a hard copy, if you can print it out.

Dr. Parks: I have it right here.

Dr. Parks prints out a sheet of paper and retrieves it for me.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a terrarium meant for the care of anomalously large terrestrial organisms.