Secure Containment Protectorate Foundation


Insignia of the Secure Containment Protectorate Foundation

Organization overview

Formed January 19, 1888; 139 years ago
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Type NGO
Headquarters SCP Foundation CABCPR Site-01
Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
Motto "We die in the dark, so you could live in the light."
Unofficial motto: "Secure, Contain, and Protect."
Employees 64,680,000 (estimate)
Annual budget $100 billion (as of 2027)
Organization executives

Overseer Council
Ethics Committee
Board of Executive Directors
Site Directors' Executive Committee of the Whole


The Secure Containment Protectorate Foundation, shortened as the SCP Foundation1, and known informally as the Foundation and by several nicknames including “the Jailers”, “the Wardens”, “the Supervisors” and historically "the Crows", is an international non-governmental paranormal organization focused on researching, investigating, acquiring and containing paranatural phenomena (including objects, entities, and locations), especially those that pose a threat to society. The SCP Foundation is independent of any major national governments but does cooperate with them and even with other paranormal organizations, including the United Nations Global Occult Coalition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Unusual Incidents Unit, the United States Paranatural Warfare Command / PENTAGRAM, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Occult and Supernatural Activity Taskforce.


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