SCP-XXXX describes a collection of anomalous occurrences within the legal perimeter of the town of Ghost Lake, ███████, USA.

It is currently believed that Ghost Lake was, at some point in time, an active and economically successful town during the mid-1980s. However, all evidence of Ghost Lake having ever existed has since been expunged from written documentation, and the Foundation has yet to locate and interview an individual with a clear memory of Ghost Lake or any residents living therein.

Viewing SCP-XXXX from a distance yields no evidence of man-made structures or anomalous phenomena. At this time, no anomalous events originating from SCP-XXXX have been observed outside the currently established perimeter of SCP-XXXX.

Any person entering SCP-XXXX by foot will be spontaneously transported to an unidentified location, believed to be a parallel iteration of the town of Ghost Lake. All attempts to photograph the interior of SCP-XXXX have been met with failure, as all electronic devices passing into SCP-XXXX suffer from various malfunctions; consequently, all information regarding SCP-XXXX has been recorded from the testimonies of expedition teams. The possibility of inaccurate or false testimonies has been acknowledged.

Addendum-A: Explorations into SCP-XXXX.
Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX's electronic interference, all explorations into SCP-XXXX were conducted with Class-D personnel equipped with basic survival gear and a standard journal for recording the environment within SCP-XXXX and any entities within.

Transcripts of recovered journal logs have been included below for reference.