"What would you be willing to do to get out of here?"

Jon waited patiently for an answer from his cellmate. It usually took Grant a while to respond to questions, especially early in the morning.

Aggravated, Jon rolled over in his cramped cot, now facing the ceiling.

"I read somewhere that you can wake up faster if you respond to questions."

No response.

"Would you rather get woken up by my voice or the guards? I'm sure they won't be too happy with you sleeping in again."

Jon lazily sat up from the cot and turned to face his friend at the opposite end of the room. He was met only by an empty bed.

Damn. Grant must be out for testing early. Strange, he thought. Jon always hears when the guards enter his cell.

Jon gathered his thoughts and got out of bed. This had been the first day in months that Grant has been out before Jon.

He shambled over to the plexiglass wall leading out to the main corridor. It was quiet today. No guards yelling, nobody crying. He scanned the hallway back and forth, then back again.

He let out an audible sigh and sat back down on his cot. Now he waits until they come and fetch him for some arbitrary task. Hopefully, today won't kill him. Not like death scares him or anything, he just worries for the next sob that takes his number. He's been through hell and back and would hate to lose his streak today.

Twenty minutes later and not a sound from the outside. Jon impatiently paced back to the plexiglass and scanned the hallway once more. As his eyes pass over the door to his cell he notices the lock mechanism that is usually activated appears to be disabled. Out of curiosity, he gently pushes on the door, expecting resistance. Instead, the door extends fully in an instant.

Jon freezes. He knows what he is about to do breaks countless rules and his punishment will be severe, but he can't stop thinking about the silence surrounding him. He takes one step outside his cell, ready to jump back into his cell at the slightest hint of approaching footsteps.

Nothing yet.

He inched his way into the empty hallway. Florescent lights lined the ceiling down to the stainless steel elevator at the end.

The doors are wide open.

Jon mindlessly crossed the hallway towards the foreboding conveyor. As he passed his neighboring cells he couldn't help but notice the unnerving fact that every cell was empty and unlocked. There must have been a really bad accident upstairs if the guards would leave the elevator.