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Item#: XXXX
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I-17-Delta during an exploration of SCP-XXXX-α. Photograph taken by I-17-Alpha.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Provisional Site-45 Dir. John Fletcher Dr. Thaddeus Xyank Iota-17 "Reality Check"

Special Containment Procedures: An industrial warehouse is to be built and maintained around SCP-XXXX. Due to the rate of expansion of SCP-XXXX, the warehouse will need to be periodically expanded to accommodate the growing aura of disturbances caused by SCP-XXXX.

Access to SCP-XXXX-α is forbidden to all non-approved staff. Explorations into SCP-XXXX-α have been temporarily suspended. See Addendum-1A for details.

Plans to neutralize SCP-XXXX are pending approval from High Command. If approved, instructions will be distributed to all SCP-XXXX assigned staff.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation of a Type-2 Temporal Rift located in Los Angeles, California. At the time of writing, the Tangible Spacetime Fracture1(TSF) of SCP-XXXX measures 4 meters from each endpoint, resting approximately 2 meters off the ground. All objects in a 25-meter radius of the epicenter of the TSF will experience a variety of interferences including electromagnetic and gravitational disturbances. These effects are consistent with most Type-2 Temporal Rifts.

Since its initial discovery, the TSF of SCP-XXXX has been expanding at a rate of 0.5 meters per 24 hours, with the radius of the aforementioned disturbances increasing at a proportional rate.

Exploration teams have confirmed that passage through SCP-XXXX into an alternate temporal plane (designated SCP-XXXX-α) is possible, but the terrain and conditions inside SCP-XXXX-α are extremely hazardous to human life. Due to the dangers associated with travel through SCP-XXXX-α, only remote-controlled drones and members of MFT Iota-17 (“Reality Check”) are permitted access with the approval of containment staff.

The terrain inside SCP-XXXX-α is planetlike, and all universal temporal and physical laws have been observed to be consistent with baseline reality. Analysis of barometric and atmospheric readings taken inside SCP-XXXX-α indicates a 86% similarity to Earth’s, although the ppm (parts per million) of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane is ~150% that of Earth’s average. This is believed to be the reason for the inhospitality of SCP-XXXX-α. Additionally, areal footage of SCP-XXXX-α has revealed global dust storms continuously ravage the planet with wind speeds up to 156 mph2. Observation of celestial objects inside SCP-XXXX-α confirms that, besides the lack of a lunar presence, the solar system and the arrangement of constellations are identical to baseline reality. Interstellar exploration of SCP-XXXX-α is pending approval from the Research Department.

It is currently believed that, at one point, SCP-XXXX-α was inhabited by a civilization of intelligent life. Exploration teams have uncovered equipment and appliances similar to those of human origin within SCP-XXXX-α. Despite the humanlike nature of this technology, modifications made to recovered items have rendered them unusable by humans. In addition, no documents pertaining to the reason for the onset of SCP-XXXX-α’s harsh conditions have been found See Addendum-1A.

SCP-XXXX-α is devoid of life, with one exception.

SCP-XXXX-β designates a species of intelligent, silicon-based bipedal lifeforms inhabiting SCP-XXXX-α. SCP-XXXX-β instances are, on average, 6 meters tall, each possessing four limbs that end in biological suction cups. SCP-XXXX-β instances do not possess any facial orifices. The biological processes of SCP-XXXX-β are poorly understood given the few opportunities Foundation operatives have had to establish communication with SCP-XXXX-β instances. SCP-XXXX-β instances rapidly display colors and shapes through the manipulation of chromatophores in their facial region. Whether or not SCP-XXXX-β instances communicate with one another through this method despite lacking any visible sensory organs is currently unknown. Whether or not SCP-XXXX-β instances are able to understand human vocalization is also unknown. Approval for the capture and study of SCP-XXXX-β instances is pending conformation from High Command.

Addendum-1A: Contact between the Foundation and SCP-XXXX-β was established through MTF Iota-17 during an exploration of various derelict structures found on the surface of SCP-XXXX-α after the continued loss of remote-controlled drones. Logs of their first contact with SCP-XXXX-β are recorded below.

Addendum-1B: Given the information gathered in Addendum-1A, further exploration into SCP-XXXX-α has been temporarily suspended. A plan to disable the Type-██████-████ temporal distortion engine within SCP-XXXX-α to presumably neutralize the anomaly is currently being discussed.

High Command has been made aware of information pertaining to SCP-XXXX and the high likelihood that SCP-XXXX-α has experienced a GH-0 'Dead Greenhouse' scenario. If deemed necessary, the Foundation will begin preparations for the deployment of personnel specializing in nonhuman translation and relief aid to large populations of SCP-XXXX-β before neutralizing SCP-XXXX.

Image borrowed from Wikimedia Commons:,_from_Tallahassee,_Fla.,_enters_a_cave_during_a_training_scenario.jpg