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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-XXXX has been sealed in conjunction with the federal government of the United States. In the event of severe government noncompliance with direct Overseer orders that otherwise threaten the security of the Foundation or the Veil, Procedure-1981 is to be carried out by approved Foundation personnel. See Addendum XXXX.1 for details.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a subterranean structure located 5 meters beneath the White House, accessible through a vault door. The words ”Department of Abnormalities” are inscribed into the steel.

The interior of SCP-XXXX is composed of a single hallway lined with steel shelves, and an adjacent room at its end. Each shelf is empty, save for an unorganized cache of unlabeled VHS tapes, designated SCP-XXXX-A. New instances routinely appear on the shelves through anomalous means. Presently, SCP-XXXX contains 45 SCP-XXXX-A instances, each tape corresponding to a different United States President.
Each SCP-XXXX-A instance shows a president delivering a speech, typically one they are widely recognized and known for giving. The speeches do not deviate from written records, and no other anomalous effects are present.

The room at the end of SCP-XXXX contains 6 television sets with corresponding VCRs. Five are inoperable, and show significant damage. The sixth television constantly displays noise until a SCP-XXXX-A instance is inserted into its VCR.

A significant amount of discarded film stock is found on the room's floor, cut in abstract and functionally useless ways. Examination of the stock has revealed that each strip constantly emanates a sound of 35 kHz. When adjusted to an audible range, subjects have compared the noise to pained vocalizations.

In the northwest corner of the room, several items associated with thaumaturgical and occult practices are found, including:

  • A large wooden cross, stained with blood. Several rusted nails are inserted into the structure. A clean American flag is draped across the object.
  • A claw hammer and container of nails. Thaumaturgic runes used in exorcism and binding rituals are inscribed on the equipment.
  • A white bucket. Fetid, presumably biological substance inside. Cries when one approaches.
  • A pair of scissors.

Addendum XXXX.1: Procedure-1981

Once authorized, approved Level-5 Foundation personnel are to access SCP-XXXX and retrieve the appropriate SCP-XXXX-A instance. Procedure-1981 is to be enacted. Once bound, playback of the tape is to be initiated indefinitely.