A Note About AN-SO
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"We are a group of peoples; the defenders of Earth. We Discover. We Captivate. We are AN-SO."


"AN-SO: Recording, Revealing, & Reinstating The Dangers of Our World"

Hello there, reader! It's me, JackalRelated (SeptemberJackal), and I just want to talk to you about that "new GoI" thing you've been hearing about. Well. Here goes!

This "new GoI" is called AN-SO, and no, it's not an acronym for anything. Well, it used to be. Back in the realms of the GoI startup hell there was a springy idea called the "Anomatem Society", a group of people out there fighting the good fight. For what? I have no clue either. Anyway, we got a bit further in this "Anomatem Society" stuff, and Sir BaubiusSir Baubius came up with a nice-looking logo for it. (- - - - - - - - - >)

Spiffy, straight looking logo, eh? Kinda looks like a shooting star key, too. Anyways. After some circumstances I'd not like to disclose, we basically had to rethink the idea. That was cool with me.

So, after some deep (not really) thought, the idea of basically an WikiLeaks for anomalous news came to me. It sounded like a good enough idea, so why the hell not. "Anomatem Society" is now the WikiLeaks of the anomalous world. It was from there that I drafted up a quick out of universe summary, which I'll include in the next paragraph.

On the outside a low-budget wikileaks-type agency, on the inside a carefully executed paramilitary organization; trying their best to help declassify all the anomalous items/creatures from the "spiessers" (the anomalous containment agencies). They are overzealous and less than competent, and they're not above bending the law: breaking and entering, theft, and kidnapping are on their list of crimes committed. They all do this with a can-do attitude that they think are saving the world. Their main HQ is located in the (fictional) city of Teufel, California, run by Sean Heichel, a former member of the paramilitary mercenary group "Calton's Runners". A very fervent
person, he believes in his work and runs the agency
with a half-baked iron fist.

So that's the short summary of the GoI, if you were interested. If that's all you wanted, you can leave, sure. But I'll keep ranting on about AN-SO if you wish to here whatever voice I sound like in your head. I pitched the idea to #site19 on IRC, and eventually a great crew formed! (Seriously, none of this would have been possible without them!) Here's a list of who had joined by the drop date:

I can't thank the team enough for their help. They really made the AN-SO project as great as it turned out! Baubius was cool enough to churn out another new logo (the main, green one) for the rejuvenated AN-SO! Which, as I said, doesn't actually MEAN anything because we all voted to remove the name "Anomatem Society" and replace it with simply "AN-SO". Kinda like the S in Harry S. Truman. It's there to look snazzy.

But enough of meta things. What about AN-SO in universe? Here's some things that were/are going to be proposed for the (real) hub page and main page.

You probably have no clue in the world who those characters are, you've seen em but what DO they do? Who ARE they? There's more coming up on them, as well as a small character sheet that will be available on the (again, real) hub.

In summary, this is just a post from me explaining the details and status behind AN-SO, and also acting as a temporary/interim hub page while we gauge the interest of you folks on this project. If there's any questions about AN-SO, such as more in-depth canon issues or even if you'd like to help contribute, just leave a post in the discussion or hit me up on #site19 on the IRC chat and I'll see what I can do. For now, toodles!

PS: Oh, by the way, here's a list of AN-SO works!