Against the Pawn it Brings the Mounted Knight


Kyevisk, Alaska was an outpost town, set on the fringes of the border between the Gulf and Canada's coastal mountains. It served both a military and a practical purpose, considering that the Kyevisk mine was a little less than two miles north of the town and the town sat on the perfect plot of land for a military defense: indeed, the 29th Alaska Rifle Regiment was stationed in Kyevisk. Although the size of the outpost was not impressive it certainly had all the necessary requirements of any good Russian outpost - a lot of alcohol. The 'Frozen Hammer' had been the best and most well-stocked bar in Kyevisk. It was impossible to find anyone who hadn't been there, as mothers took their babies, and the children played around the tables. Frozen Hammer, to a lot of people, was more than a bar; it was a gathering place. However, to Leonid Suslov, the Frozen Hammer was definitely just a bar. He took a seat in the center of the counter, looking around for the barkeep.