SCP-3XXX "A New Car"
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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be kept inside Dr. Fynegan's garage until further notice.

SCP-3XXX is to be kept in a secured area no larger than a standard single-car garage. The door is to be locked at all times and no personnel are allowed in unless with Level 2 clearance. A minimum of 2 guards are to be stationed outside the door.

When in transport to the testing area, both SCP-3XXX-1 and SCP-3XXX are to be carefully monitored. Use of iron tire guides for easier guiding is a mandatory requirement for transportation, regardless of distance between garage and testing location (See INCIDENT-3XXX-B). SCP-3XXX-1 is not to be allowed in SCP-3XXX until it is necessary, and SCP-3XXX-1 will be restrained when inside SCP-3XXX.

SCP-3XXX-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber and must be also monitored at all times.

Description: SCP-3XXX is an American 1983 Plymouth Turismo 2.2 with a current color of "Graphic Red" (color code TR4) and California license plate number 6FK████. SCP-3XXX is fitted with all factory-standard parts. SCP-3XXX runs on standard unleaded gasoline. On visual inspection, SCP-3XXX appears to be a standard Turismo 2.2. However, through testing, it has been determined that SCP-3XXX's paint finish will always appear fresh and glossed. It has also been determined that SCP-3XXX's paint repels all liquid material such as water or mud. However, SCP-3XXX's main anomaly is only achieved under certain conditions, as illustrated below:

  1. SCP-3XXX must pass through a tunnel of any size, with the only dimensional restrictions of said tunnel being its length, which must be greater than 152.4m, or the dimensions of SCP-3XXX.
  2. SCP-3XXX must be moving at speeds greater than 48.28 KM/H1 during the journey.
  3. The tunnel's lighting must not exceed 7 cd/m2. This is within the normal range of a highway tunnel's luminescence.
  4. The owner, Mr.█████ (SCP-3XXX-1), must be present in the car.

Under these conditions, upon exiting the other side of the tunnel, SCP-3XXX will undergo a transformation. The paint color will switch to a different factory color, and the license plate will change states and numbers. When the license plate is examined, testing has shown that it will always be a valid number registered to SCP-3XXX; the previous number on the license plate will appear as a non-valid number. When transformation has undergone, SCP-3XXX appears, visually and through paperwork, as a brand-new 1983 Plymouth Turismo 2.2.

SCP-3XXX was discovered on 10/██/1997 in the [REDACTED] bank robbery in [REDACTED], California. Following a brief chase, the driver, a Mr.█████, drove under a highway tunnel and subsequently eluded police, who were unaware of SCP-3XXX's anomalous properties. The FBI apprehended the culprit several months later in possession of SCP-3XXX. Further interrogations of Mr. █████ revealed that prior to SCP-3XXX showing any anomalous properties, it was a standard Plymouth Turismo 2.2 with color "Beige Met" (color code BL4). Both SCP-3XXX and SCP-3XXX-1 were subsequently taken from FBI custody into Site-██.

Addendum 01:
In wake of INCIDENT 3XXX-A, any personnel caught attempting to take SCP-3XXX for a "joyride" will be severely reprimanded. Consider Agent ███████'s actions a warning. Ask a friend to borrow their car. Don't mess with SCP-3XXX. This makes the Foundation look incompetent. We are not.

- Dr. Fynegan

Addendum 02:
Since Mr.█████ claims to have "wished" the car into having anomalous properties, he will be henceforth known as SCP-3XXX-1. It is unclear whether or not SCP-3XXX-1 is telling the truth but he will be contained and tested. Since he needs to be present in the car for the transformation to work, he is nonetheless vital whether or not he is indeed telling the truth.

-Dr. Fynegan

Addendum 03:
Testing of SCP-3XXX-1 revealed that he has no medical anomalies besides Cardiac Arrhythmia. SCP-3XXX-1 was also instructed to recreate the circumstances under which his automobile turned anomalous, but results were negative. Off the record here, I personally believe that his desperation for money was a factor in helping the car turn.

-Dr. Fynegan