Cell 115 - Diane Blackwood

Name: Diane Blackwood

Alias: The Badge

Profile: Blackwood is a 29-year old female metahuman of American/German nationality. Her recorded height and weight are 5' 11" and 140 lbs., respectively. Blackwood is an expert pistol marksman and a very determined person: do not attempt to confront alone. File photo is available upon request.


Weaknesses: Information has implied Blackwood suffers from a strong authority persona, as well as a deep sense of compassion that may hinder her decisions at times. Tends to favor the meta-susceptible over the normal during her experiences. She, however, has a vehement dislike for fragrant rule-breaking in any context.

History: Diane Blackwood was born in Schaumburg, Illinois to two German-born immigrants on August 7th, 2000. Her childhood life was mainly lived without incident until a car crash in 2012 fatally injured her mother. Forced to find new work, Blackwood and her father moved to Aurora. It was after this event where Blackwood pursued a career in criminal justice/law enforcement. Following her graduation from a four-year university, Blackwood joined the Aurora police force as a rookie traffic cop. Excelling at her job, she quickly rose through the ranks and had been a Captain working in the Homicide division. Her sudden retirement was surprising considering rumors of a transfer to Internal Affairs work had been circulating. Possibly disillusioned, she joined Cell 115 as an apparent field agent, which Intel implies she has been working as since. Her alias, "The Badge", may stem from her former work as a police officer.

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