SCP-5XXX "Misery is the Bitterness of Blood"
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Item #: SCP-5XXX Level 3/5XXX
Object Class: Safe Classified


One of two instances of SCP-5XXX in Foundation custody.

Special Containment Procedures:

Both instances of SCP-5XXX are to be contained in a standard item locker at Site-107. The testing copy of SCP-5XXX is only available to personnel assigned to transcription duties. Due to SCP-5XXX's unpredictability with home-release and digital formats, SCP-5XXX is to be assigned a cover story of a lost media cult film. Webcrawler Δ-118-GENTO is to monitor and remove mentions of recovered SCP-5XXX instances. Approved stills from SCP-5XXX are to be released under the discretion of 5XXX's head researcher (currently Dr. Wright) and Site Director Pilliken. All other instances of 5XXX are to be incinerated. A non-anomalous copy of 5XXX is available to Level 3+ personnel for recreational purposes.



Original theatrical poster for SCP-5XXX.

SCP-5XXX is the 1985 horror film La festa dei cadaveri, released as Corpse Club in North America and Europe. SCP-5XXX was created by Italian film director Jaques Caulli (PoI-83977) with assistance from GoI-078 ("Arcadia"). SCP-5XXX has a runtime of two hours, seven minutes, and four seconds; 5XXX's plot and a film analysis is available in the first addendum. It is currently believed that 5XXX's properties were caused by GoI-078, and have little relation to PoI-83977.

SCP-5XXX's anomalous properties manifest when a subject watches more than approximately 92.7% of the film. The subject will be instantly transported upon the completion of the film to SCP-5XXX-1: an extra-dimensional space resembling the town of 'Seveka' as seen in 5XXX. According to initial Foundation exploration (see Addendum 02), an entity resembling 'Bauta' can be seen as well. This entity - designated SCP-5XXX-1A - does not act entirely hostile to any subject(s) within 5XXX-1. Additionally, time does not appear to progress linearly within SCP-5XXX-11.

There has not been any discovered way to exit SCP-5XXX-1 as of 30 Oct 2020 00:57.

Item History:

SCP-5XXX was discovered in August of 1985 after reports of people disappearing after having viewed a home-released movie came to the Foundation's attention. After cross-referencing between disappearances revealed the movie to have been the VHS release of Corpse Club, several copies were tested. Containment procedures were enacted once the anomalous properties of SCP-5XXX were confirmed.

The disappearance of PoI-83977 is theorized to be related to SCP-5XXX; however, due to the fact that Caulli's last viewing of Corpse Club was from a non-anomalous master tape, this cannot be confirmed conclusively.

Addendum 01: SCP-5XXX Related Media

Addendum 02: audio logs