SBW Plot

Arcadia Team Four:

  1. Artist - Rebecca Conocco (pronounced Sawnokko)
  2. Sound/Level Designer - Peter Solenski
  3. Writer - Furutachi Taniyama [谷山 古立] <- important
  4. Assistant Editor - George Behling
  5. Programmer - Adrian Nourent

Overall Plot:

  • A copy of Stray Back When is mailed to the Foundation by a 'D.D.'
  • The Foundation discovers SCP-XXXX's anomalous's properties
  • Arcadia (reluctantly) pulls the master copies and files, Foundation acquires them
  • The Foundation goes over the notes made by Production Team Four
    • Arcadia buyout party notice
    • Back & forth note documents
    • Group dream/vision about the mansion & items
    • Tachi pre-prod interview
    • Notes and talks regarding the vision
    • Tachi's increasing weirdness
  • Initial game demo and plot info
    • Intro "The Writer" and "Baphikdoth" game characters
    • Intro the game's "Yamadani Mansion"
  • Team Four post-prod media interview (sans Tachi)
  • Tachi goes missing in Japan
    • Mansion location and discovery
    • Mansion history (quick), belonged to "Ryuugo Yamadani" [立古 山谷]
    • Preliminary Hume readings
  • Procedure XXXX/HAGONDE - Iteration 1
    • Explanation of the HAGONDE procedure
    • Exploration log of the Yamadani mansion
      • Tachi notes found around the place
      • "Defeat" of one of the bosses
      • (alt) MTF gets floored
  • Procedure XXXX/HAGONDE - Iteration 2
    • Team Four operation/ritual (sans Tachi)
    • It doesn't fully work to fix the SCP
  • Procedure XXXX/HAGONDE - Final Ver.
    • Procedure HAGONDE update
      • Continued mansion expedition to extract "The Writer" (assumed to be Tachi)
      • [spoiler] "The Writer" is actually the demonic entity Baphikdoth, and the "Baphikdoth" you see in-game is actually Tachi. There's no way to stop what Team Four created without either releasing Baphikdoth or continually playing the game until the end of time.