SCP-5XXX "Errata Morari"
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Item #: SCP-5XXX Level 3/5XXX
Object Class: Safe Classified



Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5XXX is to be contained in an air-gapped and magnetically suspended spherical container within a non-lit cork-lined chamber. All personnel assigned to testing and transfer duties of SCP-5XXX are to wear an insulated full-body suit regulated for temperatures -80° Celcius and above1 as well as infrared night optical devices (INOD) to comply with SCP-5XXX's contingency protocol. Devices capable of emitting light in the visible spectrum are to be powered off in the vicinity of SCP-5XXX. Should SCP-5XXX come in contact with the skin of any personnel, the requisite limb is to be immediately amputated to prevent termination.


SCP-5XXX is a crystal of unknown origin and composition. Its anomalous properties manifest whenever 5XXX is exposed to light with a wavelength roughly between 200 and 900nm; it undergoes a heat transfer process exponentially related to the amount of candela 5XXX is exposed to. SCP-5XXX has a resting transfer rate of approximately 15° Celcius per minute (object to 5XXX) at a luminous intensity of 0 candela. During the transfer process, SCP-5XXX retains a constant resting temperature. It is currently unknown where any absorbed energy dissipates to.

Testing into possible further anomalous properties of SCP-5XXX is underway.

Item History:


Rausch DeMorgan.

SCP-5XXX was discovered in late 1950 during battles in Taegu, South Korea. Rausch DeMorgan, a Foundation-affiliated UNC2 war correspondent, notified the Foundation Korean Activities Division (FKAD) of the anomaly as well as an organized ceasefire between the UNC and the Korean People's Army. Due to additional surveillance reports of GRU-P and 388th ISC forces, an OTF-CART3 black op was undertaken to retrieve the anomaly as quickly as possible. OTF-CART located the anomaly in a ruined Shindo shrine. The initial retrieval process was fairly successful; however, anomaly-related complications required the assistance of the 388th ISC. A liaison from the 388th was assigned to the anomaly in exchange for provided assistance. The anomaly was then given its SCP designation and stored in an FKAD site. Due to underlying political and equipment concerns, the SCP was transferred to the Foundation secure facility at Negotin, Yugoslavia.

On August 14th, 1956, an O5 investigation was initiated regarding the possibility of a GRU-P spy at the Negotin Facility tasked with recovering for SCP-5XXX for unknown purposes. Pertinent documentation is available below.

Addendum 01: Pre-Investigation Documents

Addendum 02: Investigation Documents