SCP-4541 "When Johnny Comes Flying Home"
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Item #: SCP-4XXX Level 3/4XXX
Object Class: Keter Classified


A photograph of pre-anomalous SCP-4XXX flying over Tunisia, circa 1942.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4XXX is currently uncontained, although uncontrolled appearances can be minimized by falsely reporting American forces under attack around Provisional Site/Location-137B over radio. Runway 4 is to be cleared during any SCP-4XXX appearance as to allow a place for it to land while site personnel attempt to ground it. Mobile Task Force Delta-45 ("Rolling Thunder") is to subdue/intercept SCP-4XXX during this process and establish radio contact with 4XXX if possible.


SCP-4XXX is a 1939 Curtiss P-40 Warhawk fighter plane. While SCP-4XXX is visually non-anomalous, 4XXX and its pilot, designated SCP-4XXX-A, has never landed or refueled since its last official flight. Aditionally, 4XXX's twin AN/M2 .50-caliber machine guns seemingly require no restocking. For reasons unknown, SCP-4XXX has been intermittently present in every major American conflict since World War II in either an defensive or offensive capability, but never both. Although radio contact with SCP-4XXX has been successful, attempts to ground 4XXX have not. It is currently unsure whether or not SCP-4XXX can discern civilians from military combatants.

Item History:

SCP-4XXX was originally assigned to the 316th Fighter Squadron, stationed in Northern Africa, and piloted by ace Jack Schiffman. On July 9th, 1943, Schiffman and SCP-4XXX was reported MIA/presumed dead after his failure to return from a German ambush during a combat mission over Sicily.

Several years later, reports of a mysterious plane assisting troubled pilots were compiled; visual confirmation of the plane's fuselage marking (194) and its serial number (44-19726) correlate with SCP-4XXX's. After SCP-4XXX was identified, mobile Provisional Site/Location-137B was assigned to operate in the American war theater to prevent and/or handle appearances by 4XXX.

Addendum 01: Abridged Reports of SCP-4XXX