SCP-3XXX "armory draft"
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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Three cartridges of SCP-3XXX are to be loaded in a standard Walther P38 handgun with the safety on and trigger locked, then place inside the firing range safe at Site-██. These certain cartridges are to be marked with a green line. The only use of these cartridges are for training purposes of guards and field operatives, and must be closely monitored by no fewer than two Level-3 clearance personnel and kept within the special training room when in use.

The other five cartridges of SCP-3XXX are to be kept in a containment lock box. The four intact instances are to be marked with a red line. The testing instance is to be marked with a blue line1. Only Level-2 personnel and above are allowed to retrieve the testing instance.

This lock box is to be brought nowhere near any stationed guards or officers. When in transit, posted guards and officers are to use airguns loaded with ricin-laced pellets.

Note to personnel: Any instances of SCP-3XXX-1 are to be destroyed by melting.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a group of eight 9x19mm Parabellum cartridges, produced by the company ██████████. The shell casings are etched with "██ 9MM LUGER" on the base per production standard. The bullets themselves also appear to be manufactured per production standard. They have been marked as per the Special Containment Procedures. SCP-3XXX has the appearance of newly factory-made cartridges. SCP-3XXX has two main anomalies, described below:

  • One of SCP-3XXX's anomalies manifests when loaded into any 9x19mm caliber firearm. When the handler attempts to discharge the weapon, the round will not fire (colloquially called a "dud").
  • SCP-3XXX's second anomaly occurs when it is placed within any size room that houses any functioning cartridges. Upon being in the vicinity of SCP-3XXX, these rounds consistently fail to fire, or turn into "duds". These rounds, no matter how many, are designated SCP-3XXX-1.

To determine if the first anomaly was caused by a problem during manufacturing, tests were conducted on one of SCP-3XXX's cartridges (see Testing Log 1). SCP-3XXX has been theorized to anomalize when pointed at any target, although this has only been confirmed with paper and human targets (see Testing Log 2). This effect works on any caliber or age, as well as handheld explosives (see Testing Log 3). Regarding the second anomaly, SCP-3XXX does not perform this when contained outside. It is unknown how the instances distinguish indoors and outdoors.

The discovery of SCP-3XXX occurred on ██/██/2008 in the "Defense Incident" located at ████ ████████, California. In the "Defense Incident", US soldiers who had been practicing at the combat range all experienced several malfunctioning rounds. Upon inspection and testing of the ammunition in the ammo depots, it was realized by the officers present that all the rounds were faulty. The United States Department of Defense was notified, and the Foundation received words from its field agents about the incident.

Eventually, it was ascertained that the incident was caused by SCP-3XXX and most likely an unknown similar anomaly, a box of 5.56x45mm rounds manufactured by ███████. This unknown anomaly was never recovered and is highly believed to be in the possession of an unknown agency (see Intercepted Messages). The Foundation has yet to determine the location, the agency, or the identities of "K-431", "MM71", and "COMMANDANT". A timeline of events of the "Defense Incident" can be found below. Investigation is under way.

Testing Logs

ADDENDUM 01: We don't know how long these things are or will be inert. Make sure to take extreme caution when handling or attempting to fire SCP-3XXX and SCP-3XXX-1 instances.
- Dr. James

ADDENDUM 02: On ██/██/2010, a similar incident to the "Defense Incident" happened in the army base located in ███████████, Germany. As the situation was being remedied, an attempt was made to broadcast a video on national television in Germany. The Foundation, having been alerted to the situation by field agents, quickly intercepted the video and replaced it with a SMPTE test signal. The data input sheet of the video are available below to Level-4 personnel or higher. Soldiers and residents at ███████████ were given amnestics. Any instances of anomalous 5.56x45mm ammo has not been found at the location, possibly indicating its retrieval. The stockpiles of ammunition at the base were destroyed on protocol.