End of Eternity

some say that everything, in the end, will rip apart into particles and radiation - a singularity
one moment you scratch at the back of your head
the other you are now the opposite ends of this singularity
no time to scream
nowhere to scream

now, imagine being blind
not the sort of blind you get by closing your eyes 'cause you're just seeing black
you don't see black simply cause there is nothing to see
can you truly imagine in your mind, receiving no input from your eyes?
probably not

but your brain will eventually imagine it
in fact, it will come to understand it when you are ripped atom by atom, particle by particle
have you ever forgotten something? i'm sure you have
now, please, just imagine

just imagine not even remembering what the sensation of touch is
you don't remember what the words sounded like, or used to mean
in fact, you're not entirely sure what any of English means
or if it meant anything at all

all you know is that you think
and therefore, you are
simple, cogito ergo sum
but you've forgotten what that meant, too

it's been so long
you don't remember what you looked like
or what looking was

just imagine
not even having sensations at all
just existing
in what capacity you do not know

there was a concept called death once
you felt something for it, once
but it ended as nothing did

you do know that there is a distinct absence of nothing
that must mean there is everything
but also

nothing to see,
nothing to smell
nothing to touch
nothing to hear
nothing to think

you are nothing and everything
nothing and everything to the end of eternity.