Entomophobia (this is it chief)

Entomophobia. Derived from the Ancient Greek éntoma and phóbos, meaning 'insect' and 'fear' respectively. A simple word, really. The board had made very plain to Sarah Moore that because of this word, she was transferred to Lunar Site Delta; a whopping 384,473 kilometers away from the Earth. She had not been a stranger to the idea that simple words could carry a lot of meaning. It just had never been proven to her.

Reminiscence woke her up. It was over. Sarah Moore's timeline ended here, in her bland cabin on board the OFS Argo, and she knew it. She felt alone; it wasn't loneliness caused by any amount of people but rather a lack of her own spirit. Half-slumping in a swivel chair, idly twiddling and eyes affixed to the very interesting wall in front of her, a pang of sadness washed over her.

Sirens. Chaos. Panic. Researchers and scientists running around, grabbing files and securing equipment. Armed guards yelling curses and commands while corralling the others towards the nearest exits. Trucks, vans, and buses fueling up and driving out. That was had been state of Site-121 at 1:19 PM on July 5, 2022.

She had been told as much, but it meant everything and nothing to her since she was utterly unable to do her job.