Entomophobia (rewrite)

It was over. Sarah Moore's timeline ended here, in her bland cabin on board the OFS Argo, and she knew it.

She felt alone; it wasn't loneliness caused by any amount of people - there being a sizable amount of Foundation personnel around - but rather a lack of her own spirit. Half-slumping in a swivel chair, idly twiddling and eyes affixed to the very interesting wall in front of her, a pang of sadness washed over her as a crackle from her cabin radio came to life.

"Director Moore, this is Captain Delphic. Incoming transmission from Foundation HomeBase." It was never good when HomeBase needed to call her directly. She turned, flicked a button and spun some dials on the radio before leaning into the transceiver's mic and activating it.

"Transmission secure. Code Echo-Four-Nine. Patch them in." A click, then the faint static of a line.