Entomophobia (Original Rewrite)

PROLOGUE: Ozeck kills Dr. Rhynn (who caught him at the morgue)

MAIN: Dr. Fairnscott gives a presentation to Barlow & DeLear/Gall
Ozeck, during it, presents the pesticide (that Dr.F claims is his)
He privately talks to Barlow and DeLear about funding
Fairnscott shows up, he and Ozeck engage in a battle of words
Barlow gives the decision to DeLear, and she approves Ozeck's lab
Fairnscott says this will be a mistake

END Ozeck does actually produce the pesticide
Fairnscott later attacks Ozeck (who is at the morgue)
Ozeck gets the upper hand on Fairnscott and leaves him to the bugs
DeLear witnesses Ozeck use parts of cadavers to synthesize the insecticide