Exquisite Corpse Parts

My "headcanon": The people in Site Mu-18 lived next to a Foundation chemical processing facility and it exploded. The explosion didn't "kill" anyone, but if they don't consume or generally be in the presence of the red chemicals (maybe blood water?) - they'll be transported to the universe/reality a large section of the processing facility went. That universe really doesn't look good.

If this doesn't work for Exquisite Corpse, I might write it on my own.


SCP-XXXX is the designation for the Foundation-controlled Southwest Chemical Processing chemical plant, and by extension, Site Mu-18. The Southwest Chemical Processing plant was formerly used by the Foundation to produce synthetic amnestics and other chemicals used in various forms of paratech, while Site Mu-18 served as a executive and residential area for the plant workers. Site Mu-18 and the Southwest Chemical Processing plant worked under the cover of processing ammonium perchlorate1. However, a system-wide malfunction caused a conflagration followed by several explosions at the SCP-XXXX facility (see Addendum 01); resulting in the anomalous property that both SCP-4XXX and Site Mu-18 are temporally shifting to another reality.