Ranger Station #9

Hey, ex-forest ranger here. Not sure if this goes in this thread, so here goes nothing. A few years back I used to work in a smaller national park (not one of the famous ones like Yosemite or Grand Teton, but I'm still not going to disclose it cause you could find me by Google searching) as a full-time ranger. I was posted in Station #9 with Rangers Terry and Mike. I'm a native to the area so I know the area of the back of my hand.

There's several incidents that have happened over my tenure there, but there's two that are seared into my memory like it was only yesterday.

I was doing routine maintenance - removing unsanctioned wildlife cameras, etc. - and had just finished up. I got back to the ranger truck, tossed the cameras in the bed, and started heading back to the station. Now there's a certain mountain road we take to get there quick, but it's very long and winding and the speed limit on it was 20 mph. In the middle of it, there's a turn that we call the needle cause you have to