Father/Ex-Priest Arwen Voxtorian
State Police #453093 - Erik Boracant

Setting: 1992 - Unified North American Republic (UNAR)

  • UNAR: United States + Canada, ruled by "the State" - a controlling, facist-inspired government. A republic in name only.
  • Think of the tech as both anachronistic and old-fashioned. You'd see modern supercomputers… running on floppies. Nothing too crazily anachronistic. No laser guns or black & white TVs.
  • The UNAR is in a war with the USSR in Europe. Consider Cold War tensions run hot, sans nuclear annihilation.
  • Christianity doesn't exist. In this universe, it's Ciorianism (you're Ciorian if you practice). However, a large majority of the population is atheist or equivalent. Ciorianism is basically a second-fiddle tolerated religion, since the State doesn't really approve of it in the first place. It's more beneficial for them to have Ciorians than not, though, so they're allowed.
  • Ciorian chaplains are supposed to be non-combatants. This presents a problem for Voxtorian, as he shoots and kills a man during his service as a chaplain. It also doesn't really jive with his Ciorian beliefs. He's given a bravery award for doing a good job, but people wouldn't be comfortable with him being chaplain now. He doesn't want to be a normal foot soldier, either, so he's honorably discharged. As the State would say, "your quota is filled."
  • State Police (the governmental department replacing police officers) are controversial and partially corrupt. They're usually not armed, sans motorcycle officers and police captains. Boracant happens to be one of those armed officers, but he doesn't particularly like the idea. He's a minority proponent of State Police disarmament. He keeps quiet about it so he can keep his job; being paid a small fortune, he needs it to survive.
  • Being poor is essentially a crime. You'll get relocated to a special area for poor people. It's almost (sadly from an out-of-universe perspective) like Riga. Most people make it, but all it takes is two missed paychecks or a very serious injury to kick you into the "poorzone".

The series revolves around Voxtorian, coming back from his discharge and trying to experience life, help other people, and find himself in the process. He wears his standard Ciorian garb: black (almost bell-bottom) pants, a deep navy blue long-sleeve shirt, and a olive drab high-collar military trenchcoat. He uses the coat mainly to hide his Ciorian belt, which is used similarly to how Roman collars distinguish clergymen. Somehow doesn't get hot at all. It is very cold in New Schmeling, though. Also doesn't like to be called Arwen - except by Erik and other old grade-school friends.

His old friend Erik lodges him, since Voxtorian's left with nothing but an "unusually thick" state bonus for his war heroism. Complains about Voxtorian's journey on his bill sometimes, but is supportive of him. Dresses in casual clothing most of the time. On duty, he looks like a 70's moto cop. Styles haven't changed much. Lives in New Schmeling, sort of a New York/Los Angeles parallel. Bright neon lights, cyberpunk. Did I say I was combining genres? Sorry, now you know.