Operation: MSF/Motorcycle-Stealing Foundation [EP1]
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A 1963 Plymouth Turismo pulled into the lot in front of the station, taking a small corner spot. The man who stepped out wore an ice-blue shirt - matching his cerulean eyes - topped with a black jacket. He adjusted his glasses, resting them squarely on his nose, before turning toward the looming figure of the Patchett Train Station. Patchett Station was one of the old-fashioned types of stations, having been bult in the fifties; it was starting to show its age much like the man was. He made his way through the crowd in front of the station - it was always very busy. Patchett Station's interior was furnished with vaulted ceilings and Roman architectures that gave it a sort-of faux elegance, making it popular with tourists who flocked to the station. That made it the perfect place to conduct a rendezvous.

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