• A group of astronauts (including HoS) clean spacetech
  • They come back in through the airlock
  • One of the astronauts go berserk and kills the doctor
  • The head of security kills the berserk astronaut


  • Daily life in the spaceport/base, but
  • ‘infected’ show up
  • The ‘infected’ are quarantined
  • The HoS gets mad because he is quarantined despite being healthy
  • The High-Executive from the company shows up in their ship
  • He gets upset at the Commander
  • They find more and more people with signs of the ‘infected’, but only people who were outside the base, on missions.
  • They are quarantined as well and the base is shut down.
  • The Commander orders a full-medical analysis of quarantine


  • ‘Infection’ rate stalls after base is shut down
  • Head of Security presents personal complaint to High-Executive
  • High-Executive removes commander from status,
  • Replaces him with the Head of Security.
  • Head of Security removes everyone ‘healthy’ from quarantine
  • He starts surface tech missions under pressure of High-Executive
  • The first two missions appear nominal, but the third has an airlock malfunction (doors won’t close)
  • The astronauts come in clean, but “odd” behavior, worker attacked by an invisible being
  • The ‘unhealthy’ quarantined victims slowly but finally become unmoving/peaceful</catatonia?>


  • The Head of Security appeals to the Commander, behind the Executive’s back (change of heart)
  • A hydroponics worker tells the medical bay about being attacked by glowing humanoid? <not sure about alien’s appearance>
  • The Executive’s ship is sabotaged by someone (implied ‘infected’)
  • The Commander orders a partial evacuation of the spaceport, the section with the attacks isolated
  • One of the “odd” astronauts starts an irreversible impending nuclear meltdown
  • The doctor informs the Commander that the quarantine + dead astronaut cells contain no human DNA (they’re alien)
  • Another “odd” astronaut releases all the aliens in containment
  • The Commander holds off on further evacuation due to the mimicking aliens
  • The spaceport goes under red alert


  • They investigate the closed-off hydroponics unit
  • The discovery that black light/UV light will “illuminate” the aliens + doppelgangers
  • They get attacked but manage to make it back to the rest of the inhabitants
  • Full evacuation underway, seal established with the spaceport
  • They can’t leave because the docking mechanism is broken/jammed
  • The Commander, the Pilot, and the 2nd in Command shuttle to the Executive’s ship and make their way in
  • They move an instrument from the ship to the shuttle, and pick up the Executive on the way
  • They attempt to use the standard engines and trajectory to Earth
  • The nuclear power is close to meltdown


  • The planned trajectory will take too long
  • The Commander decides to use the broken FTL engine on the emergency ship
  • Nuclear meltdown imminent
  • The shuttle finally docks with the ship
  • They immediately takeoff and warp out of the area
  • Nuclear explosion of Delta
  • The ship finally stops in uncharted space, FTL engine broken
  • Transmits all data