SCP-XXXX "A Psyche like Sliced Venison"
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Item #: SCP-5XXX Level X/5XXX
Object Class: Euclid Classified


The Redding Bridge.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5XXX is to be placed under the jurisdiction of Site-909. Structural surveys on SCP-5XXX are to be conducted bi-monthly and all defects are to be repaired immediately. All traffic is to be barred from using SCP-XXXX until further notice. All SCP-5XXX instances are to be terminated.

Containment procedures modified following Case DX-7V and the Wingreen Incident.


SCP-5XXX is the designation for the Redding Bridge: a one-way bridge located in Redding, California that spans the Sacramento River. Its anomalous properties manifest whenever a person dies of any cause on or in the vicinity1 of the bridge.

When this occurs, the death is considered an SCP-5XXX event and the person becomes an SCP-5XXX-A instance. Immediately following the instance's death, its corpse is rendered inaccessible by seemingly unrelated circumstances; it usually falls into the river or is otherwise completely blocked off.

Approximately 24 to 48 hours after the event, the 5XXX-A instance will emerge from a random point in the Redding area of the Sacramento River alive and unharmed. The instance will generally then determine the location of the closest relative or friend and attempt to visit them. Following this visit,

Item History:

SCP-5XXX was discovered on June 10th, 1986 after local resident Phil Trelawney was struck by a car and subsequently thrown into the river by the force. Local law enforcement investigated into the incident, but the corpse was unable to be found. 37 hours later, Trelawney was seen emerging uninjured at a spot five miles downriver. Trelawney - when interviewed - had no memory from the accident until his surfacing.

Agent Callard, who was working with local authorities for another Foundation project, learned that the Trelawney case was similar to a multiplicate of previous cases involving the victims of otherwise fatal accidents appearing at riverbanks unscathed. A test was approved and conducted wherein a D-Class personnel was terminated with a 12 gauge shotgun in the middle of the bridge.

Although the D-Class was successfully terminated, a series of rotting boards broke and the corpse fell into the river. The D-Class's body was not recovered despite a net previously having been installed downstream in the river. Brain matter, blood, bone fragments, and other flesh still on the bridge was collected.

The D-Class was found 25 hours later and transferred to the local Provisional Site Alpha-92 for analysis. They were physically unharmed; the displaced body matter recovered from the bridge also remained intact. The bridge was given its SCP-5XXX designation shortly after the test.


The following case (Case #DX-7V) was conducted by Agent Max Wingreen and is an example of a notable full post-5XXX incident response.

— Cheryl Masters, Revision Director, RAISA

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