Space Train: 2049
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Item #: SCP-4XXX Level 3/4XXX
Object Class: Safe Classified


A destroyed section of the Eagle One in SCP-4XXX.

Special Containment Procedures:

A partnership has been established with the Kingdom of Denmark to establish a no-fly zone around SCP-4XXX. Forelli Obstruction discs have been placed to prevent satellites from taking photos of the OFS1 Eagle One (henceforth designated SCP-4XXX-A). Mobile Control Unit 10 "Ice Command" and MTF Δ-19 "Cold Front" is to monitor the current status of 4XXX-A's crew; should any crewmember escape the vicinity of SCP-4XXX, they are to be detained and amnesticized for further review. Relative containment and public disinformation of SCP-4XXX will fall under the jurisdiction of the nearby Site-451.

A second recovery mission for the occupants of SCP-4XXX-A is currently under indefinite review by the Ethics Committee. SCP-4XXX-A and occupants are not to be disturbed during any testing of SCP-4XXX.


SCP-4XXX is the designation of the crash site of the OFS Eagle One in the Sermersooq Municipality of Greenland. While the crash site itself does not harbor any anomalous activity, the location of SCP-4XXX is anomalously and continually under a blizzard (henceforth designated SCP-4XXX-1) with a temperature ceiling of -104.4°2. SCP-4XXX-1 is constituted of a heavy snowstorm and winds ranging from 50-70 km/h. Additionally, SCP-4XXX-1's snowfall remains at a constant approximate height of 5.5 meters. SCP-4XXX-1 has an approximately 40km radius from the point 800 meters west of SCP-4XXX-A's touchdown area (designated as 'centerpoint', for ease). It is currently unknown how SCP-4XXX-1's anomalous properties reach and maintains a low sub-zero temperature as well as not being affected by or affecting local or annual changes in Sermersooq climate. Any correlations between SCP-4XXX-1 and 4XXX-A's crash have not been nor seem reasonably able to be proven.

As a result of SCP-4XXX-1's effects on its location, the temperature range of SCP-4XXX roughly follows a normal model with a mean of -259°C and resembles an exponential growth function with a ceiling capacity at a radius of 37km from 4XXX-1's centerpoint. The low temperatures of SCP-4XXX are invariably useful in regards to sub-zero temperature testing and cryo-refrigeration methods, human exposure, and blizzard-resistant technology to SCP-4XXX-1's conditions. Further and immediate testing has been approved by the Ethics Committee and the O5 Council. See Addenda for further information.

Item History:

The OFS Eagle One was a spacecraft dedicated to monitoring SCP-2813 and training agents for OTF Δ-08.3Staffed with 130 regular personnel, Eagle One was a primarily astral-related research unit. Current contact with SCP-4XXX-A has been officiated by Foundation-Orbital Reach Unit (F-ORU) at the MARS facility in Wallops, Virginia; former contact was established by Foundation HomeBase (FHB) on location at KVBG Launch Center.


For posterity purposes, all documentation regarding the crash of 4XXX-A (Eagle One) is included to assist in understanding the circumstances regarding SCP-4XXX.

— Alexander Perkins, Attribution Department, RAISA

Addendum 0X: Ranking Staff of SCP-4XXX-A

Addendum 0X: Communique with SCP-4XXX-A, 9/13/2049

Addendum 0X: Crash Log of Third Mate Samuel Eliott

The following is a transcript of the log of Third Mate Eliott, taken on 09/13/2049 as intercepted by FHB technicians.

Addendum 0X: Personal Logs of Head Doctor Iada

The following are transcripts of the personal logs of Doctor Carolyn Iada ranging from 09/12/2049 to 03/09/2047, as intercepted by F-ORU control.

Addendum 0X: Initial SCP-4XXX-A Recovery Mission