SCP-5XXX "The Glittering Eyes of a Sun Deer"
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Item #: SCP-5XXX Level X/5XXX
Object Class: Euclid Classified


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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5468 is to be kept in a 50x50-meter Titanium cube with a height of 20 meters in Site-54. The inside of the containment chamber is to look similar to a dense forest including trees and a floor of grass. 4 squirrels, 4 birds, and a variety of insects are to be kept in the chamber at all times. The walls and roof of the containment chamber are to be made to look like the sky in the daytime. The lights in the cube are dim to make SCP-5468 more visible in the large chamber.


SCP-5468 is a 5 meter tall, white deer with bright gold markings covering its entire body. The entity’s antlers seem to also be this bright golden color, and scientists believe that it is made of actual gold. However, the most extraordinary characteristic of this entity is the small star that is floating in between SCP-5468’s antlers, although this star does not emit heat. With the star, the entity can telepathically talk to humans. 5468 has been observed using the energy from this star to incinerate other creatures to ash from up to 30 meters away when it feels threatened. Despite this, 5468 does not seem to be hostile to most creatures and humans.

It seems to like the forest enclosure he is being kept in even though he knows it’s not real. It is very cooperative and is fine with doing tests for the foundation as long as the tests aren’t endangering it in any way. The entity will not, however, tell any member of the foundation it’s origins. When it is asked it just tells them, “If you want to know, ask those who belong to the stars” and is then unwilling to answer any more questions.

Item History:

In the Spring of 2005, A civilian stated that he saw a god while wandering the forest near █████. Soon after the report, the foundation sent MTF Unit Alpha 16 to investigate. At first, they found no anomalous entities however, on their way to exit the forest the commander of the team suddenly dropped to the ground with a frightened look on his face. The team looked at the direction the commander was facing and witnessed SCP-5468. Before they could start firing at the entity, it calmly told them that it meant no harm and was willing to go with the foundation to their site. The team escorted 5468 out of the forest and brought it to Site-54, where they had built a large containment chamber for it.

Addendum 01: LOG ONE

Addendum 02: LOG TWO