The Faceless Live in Evanholly
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Item #: SCP-4XXX Level 3/4XXX
Object Class: Safe Classified


A *.pdf of the first-edition cover template of SCP-4XXX, obtained from the original publishers, Crossley-Griffith.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4XXX is to be contained in a standard containment locker at Site-107. Personnel assigned to SCP-4XXX must be cleared by either the Site Director or SCP-4XXX's head researcher (currently Dr. Fynegan); no personnel under Level 3 clearance or personnel with pets are allowed access to SCP-4XXX.

Foundation webcrawlers are to monitor any information on SCP-4XXX-related media. If an incident arises, a cover story pertaining to a new advertising ploy is to be released and MTF μ-9 ("Null Squad") is to detain Clyde Hiller for pertinent questioning. Additionally, MTF Δ-10 ("Literary Analysis") is to confiscate any copies of the book relevant to the incident.

See Procedural Addendum 01 for pending changes to Containment Procedures.


SCP-4XXX is the collective designation for nine anomalous copies of the novel The Faceless Live in Evanholly, written by author Clyde Hiller. The instances are initially identical in appearance and content to standard copies of the novel, except for being printed with invalid ISBN numbers and barcodes. SCP-4XXX's anomalous properties manifest whenever a person reads a significant portion of the book - the definition of "significant" is dependent on whether the reader has reasonably comprehended a large part of the story rather than if the reader has read all the content in the novel. When this has happened, a variation of the following timeline occurs:

0 minutes The reader (designated 4XXX-A) completes the novel.
30 ~ 60 minutes Any pets in the care of 4XXX-A (designated 4XXX-B) will start behaving erratically.
2 ~ 3 hours 4XXX-B will self-terminate or be killed by outside forces, in a similar manner to animal deaths described in the novel.
4 hours 4XXX-A will, by this time, confirmed to be suffering from stress cardiomyopathy (Broken Heart Syndrome). It has not been determined how SCP-4XXX incites this response.
5 hours SCP-4XXX will substitute the names of the characters in the novel with the names of the 4XXX-B instances.

In all recorded incidents, after the five-hour timeline, 4XXX-A instances have been admitted to an emergency room regarding a severe heart condition; a heavy correlation between general affection for 4XXX-B and higher trauma response in 4XXX-A has been identified. This effect is pending classification as a secondary anomaly of SCP-4XXX. SCP-4XXX is undergoing testing for the 'criteria' that SCP-4XXX uses to determine 4XXX-B instances. At this time, duration of care, affection for 4XXX-B, and the name given of 4XXX-B were deemed irrelevant criteria for 4XXX-B selection.

Item History:

SCP-4XXX was acquired on March 5th, 2011 by MTFs μ-9 and Δ-10 after reports of unusually high pet death rates and their owners' hospitalizations after approximately 20 copies of The Faceless Live in Evanholly were shipped to the town of Maxim, Nevada. The reports were analyzed and nine copies (SCP-4XXX) were discerned to be correlated to the death rates. Clyde Hiller was detained and questioned, but no useful information save Interviews B and C (see Addendum 01) could be determined from Hiller. Currently, Hiller has been released and amnesticized, although further interrogation of Hiller is currently awaiting approval.

Addendum 01: Clyde Hiller, Interviews B and C

Procedural Addendum: