Item#: 70XX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-70XX-01 should be shut down and any personnels and student should be leave from SCP-70XX-01 and the personnels or student that not leave from SCP-70XX-01 or the persons trying to gets inside the school would be termination by MTF Alpha-1 AND MTF Omega-8.

Researcher Book will stays in his house and still can works with the Foundation to make the anomalous capability of SCP-70XX-02 are slow. but however, Researcher Book should not has any test, research, or even works with any personnels on any anomalies in sites.

Description: SCP-70XX-01 is a school ██████ ██████ located in [REDACTED], Thailand, also known as second school in series of ██████ school. SCP-70XX-01 is founded by monk ██████ (hereafter referred as POI-70XX) lived in temple and died in ██/██/██, but before POI-70XX has died POI-70XX villager that lived in the area someone has build the joss house in the area that gonna become SCP-70XX-01.

SCP-70XX-02 is an entity has unknown no appearance and referred to itself as the creation of guardian angel that protect SCP-70XX-01 and lived in joss house that still used to be in the area or creation of god. The anomalous capability of SCP-70XX-02 is to rewrite reality only around the area of SCP-70XX-01 and the Researcher Book.

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