Hunted House

This house was very cozy, quite bright and inviting too.
from the Iris Anderson

Others Name:
House Haunted By Dolls, English Couple and A Couple of Dolls

Phenomena Type:
Location, Evil Spirit

Tier: Low

Discoverer: Anna Smith

With a help of: Green Loma, Iris Anderson, and all of Society members


There's an old house at the end of some natural trail in a forest. The house is surprisingly well-kept and it looks like those old houses from the late 1800s but with much brighter colours. The surrounding area of the owned property is three acres of land, the house itself having 140m² of floor space which includes the second floor.

Inside the house, there are the usual rooms like a living room, kitchen with dining area, bathroom, master bedroom, guest room and some multi-purpose room with a sewing machine in it and some boxes filled with different fabric and thread of several colours. The boxes are filled with doll bases as well and some finished ones, mostly porcelain ones wearing clothes from fabric. There's surprisingly plumbing in this house, the water comes from the lake nearby as I've been told.

The house and surrounding land, which is about six acres, have some effect on those who hike nearby. There are some colourful flowers that bloom which draw in most hikers. They make it to the house, but once they leave the area, they forget the route back which has caused people to aimlessly wander the forest in search of it.

Anna Smith


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