We have been adorned with the finest jewelry,

fed with the finest foods,

clothed with the finest silk,

and have indulged in the finest luxuries.

But we have long grown tired of these things,

we have become trapped by our own dull existence.

Luckily, there is another world,

filled with the most exotic, strangest, and dangerous sights

the world has to offer.

We are once more entertained.

General Information

We are the Anomalous Phenomena Acquisition Society, or APAS for short, a group dedicated to the collection of anomalies for our own entertainment.

We are not a for profit organization, most of us have jobs and lives outside of the society, and see this as a hobby. That being said, money does not grow on trees, and there is an entry fee for joining us, which can be discussed at a later date. There are a few other ways of gaining funds, like auctions we host and lobbying in governments, the latter of which should not concern you. Our auctions vary from large to small, depending upon the items on display.

Why are we non-profit? Because every cent earned is spent on collecting/capturing our items, hiring mercenaries, and paying bills. These three necessities alone consume almost all of the money gained by the society.

The members that make up the APAS are, to summarize, diverse. The majority are businessmen, looking for a cheap thrill. Some are looking to rectify some wrong or fix a problem. Others include actors, politicians, and even criminals. However, the society has no bias, as long as you pay your dues and don't cause trouble, you are welcome.

With our diversity in mind, we have split most of our facilities into two sections, Formal and Informal. This is explained in further detail in the "Facilities" section.

Collected Phenomena


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Foundation Phenomena

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