Lil' Tommy and THE LORD OF BLOOD
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fig. 1.1: SCP-XXXX-A before acquisition of anomalous properties. Image taken by its mother. (circa 2011)

Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-A is currently contained inside a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-118. SCP-XXXX-A is to be provided with basic requirements as standard for anomalies of its type1, including bedding and necessary food.

To encourage cooperation and boost morale, SCP-XXXX-A has been provided with amenities which include a collection of comic books and a television with several DVDs of cartoons. Designated researchers are allowed to visit and talk with SCP-XXXX-A to aid in this.

Despite the chances of the event occurring being extremely unlikely, SCP-XXXX-A is to be reminded to not listen to SCP-XXXX-B's orders supposing that it did follow them.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for a prepubescent human male and the entity lodged inside its forehead.

SCP-XXXX-A is a Caucasian seven-year-old child by the name of Thomas Anderson. It displays blonde hair, and is ~1.19 meters in height.

SCP-XXXX-B is a stone tablet. On the front of the tablet is an engraving of a scowling human face. SCP-XXXX-B is able to speak in a deep, masculine voice. When SCP-XXXX-B speaks, the carved "eyes" on itself emit a faint red glow. It refers to itself as "Ak'dera, Lord of Blood", but has stated that its full name is "Demon Emperor Ak'dera, Lord of Blood, Conqueror of Kingdoms, Ender of Lives". SCP-XXXX-B is embedded in the middle of SCP-XXXX-A's forehead. Despite efforts by Foundation surgeons and one plumber, it has not yet been confirmed if SCP-XXXX-B is able to be removed from the forehead.

SCP-XXXX-B usually orders SCP-XXXX-A to commit acts of murder and destruction. These have involved carving satanic imagery on walls and/or flesh, terminating loved ones, arson, and related actions. Despite the repeated orders, it is not confirmed that SCP-XXXX-A has commited any of the actions described by SCP-XXXX-B. SCP-XXXX-A either treats the orders as jokes, or has no desire in obeying them.

Addendum I: 2/9/2002 Interview

Interview - 2/9/2012

Interviewer: Dr. Shannon Bullard

Interviewee: SCP-XXXX-A / SCP-XXXX-B

[Clicking of pen.]

BULLARD: SC— [Pauses] Tommy, are you ready to start?

SCP-XXXX-A: Uh, yeah.

BULLARD: That's great, Tommy! I'm just gonna ask you some questions, and then you can keep reading your comic.

SCP-XXXX-A: It has ducks in it, and they go on cool adventures! Uh, there— there's one where they go to the desert to get a magic lamp.

BULLARD: That's really interesting! Anyways, h–


SCP-XXXX-A: Shh! [Puts finger up to mouth] Mister doctor is talking!

BULLARD: Tommy, what's with the… rock… in your head?

SCP-XXXX-A: Oh. Um, that's uh, Bumby! He's my friend.


SCP-XXXX-A: [Giggles] It's not!

BULLARD: Is that Bumby, Tommy? [Points to SCP-XXXX-B]

SCP-XXXX-A: Uh, yeah. He's my friend.

[Tommy is asked how he found SCP-XXXX-B, and he tries to explain, albeit poorly.]

Addendum II: Exploration 10/9/2012

[The supposed location in which Tommy found SCP-XXXX-B is explored, and the researchers encounter members of a cult that worshipped SCP-XXXX-B as a deity. The cult members are confused and angry, because their god is missing from his place. After the cult is told what happened, they get even more pissed off. Site-118 now has to try and prevent members of the cult from trying to get to SCP-XXXX, and the cult members know where SCP-XXXX is because they can "smell Ak'dera's power".]

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