JimmyBoyHaha Sandbox No. 1

SCP-XXXX - I need my 20 bucks, Phil

The following file describes an aggressive spiritual entity, and is Level 3/XXXX classified.

Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid
Site Responsible: USPSLV Site-983
Director: Colby Giles
Research Head: Benson Ames
Assigned Task Force: N/A
Level 3/XXXX

Threat Level: Yellow


fig. 1.1: The residence in which SCP-XXXX resides. (circa 2012)

Special Containment Procedures: Current containment efforts are focused on helping Phillip Farring to purchase a new house. Phillip has been granted $130,000 in US currency by the Foundation Financial Department.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for a Class-II apparition currently inhabiting the residence of Phillip Farring in Avondale, Pennsylvania, USA.

SCP-XXXX takes the form of a glowing white sphere, with a height and width of 60.5 centimeters. This entity is able to float above the ground with no apparent limit to the heights it can hover at, and can fly at a top speed of ~40km/h. SCP-XXXX has the ability to manifest appendages from its person, which take the form of two human-like arms1.

Despite SCP-XXXX's size and estimated mass, it has displayed feats of strength akin to that of an average human male. SCP-XXXX is however able to hold heavy objects2, although with considerable difficulty. SCP-XXXX is able to phase through solid objects and surfaces, akin to other spiritual anomalies.

SCP-XXXX during appearances

SCP-XXXX is unable to move more than 3 meters away from the perimeter of the residence.

Ghost inhabiting a house. It keeps annoying the guy who lives in the house, telling him to give him 20 bucks that he owed him years ago. The guy doesn't want to give the ghost his 20 bucks, because when it was still alive it was really bad at keeping promises.