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Item #: SCP-5000 | REDACTED LEVEL 2

Object class: Keter | reality bender, humanoid. Sub-level ‚óŹ Red | Uncontained

Special containment procedures: As SCP-5000, and people who have seen SCP-5000 are not able to take amnesiacs, no attempt to interfere witb SCP-5000 is to be put underway. Anyone violating will be terminated by order of the administrator and O5-1 due to.the possibility of a broken masquerade scenario.

Personell wanted: Andrew boingels, terry boingels, tom boingels, liam mabber.


Codename: Skyer

Description: SCP-5000 is a translucent humanoid figure, floating approximately 4.5 centimeters fro the ground. Age is unknoqn, although estimated to be anywhere from 40-530 years old. [[[[[[[file hack detected, system lockdown iniciated]]]]]]]