Angelville, Wyoming

The focus of the story — the Foundation’s struggle to keep the name in. When individuals learn that the Foundation is impeding them, they probably lynch them.

SCP-XXXX is Angelville, a town in Big Horn County, Wyoming, United States.

The town is located at the base of the Big Horn Mountains and has an elevation of 1,482 m, as well as a total area of 2.33 km2. The town’s population was 181 at the time of the Foundation’s 2019 census.

Key info:
— Climate: the immediate area of Angelville experiences no temperature fluctuations and remains in perfect spring weather all year round. Unlike the surrounding area and nearby town of Denver, which has a cold desert climate.
— Tourism.

SCP-XXXX is characterised by its widespread worship of *an entity that has no name*; the designation of which is [Restricted per protocol 4000-Eshu].

Newspaper article. Angel found!
Recovered souvenirs.
An exploration log?
A list of all the Facebook groups that they have to get rid of, posts, etc.

Facebook page. Angelville Real Life Angels (Public Group, 181 members. “A group for promoting the real life angel of Angelville and spreading her love. [Restricted per protocol 4000-Eshu] welcomes all.

Instagram profile. angelville_karen. “🇺🇸✝️ passionate about love and god.