robot writes titles

SCP-5001 - Time Made of Broken Dreams
SCP-5002 - Rain Until Night
SCP-5001 - Trumpard's Innocence: A Failure (changing trumpard in here will make this cool probably)
SCP-5001 - The Meeting Of Bones And Light
SCP-5001 - While My Life Has Been a Void
SCP-5000 - Inside, Out, and Everywhere - access token is sealed.
SCP-5100 - A Special and Fragile Mind
SCP-5000 - 【Appendix I】 A Special Treat
SCP-5000 - █████ Department of Interior - Unreachable
SCP-5001 - Such is Their Will
SCP-5001 - What Would You Do In My Place
SCP-5002 - Your Walking Abomination
SCP-5000 - Secret Mementos
SCP-5000 - Humanity's First Cult-like Phenomenon
SCP-5001 - Change is The Only Safe Thing
SCP-5000 - When My Mind Becomes the Sun
SCP-5000 - Spies Have Spies, And They Have Eyes That See
SCP-5000 - Time Can't Wait, It Just Moves On
SCP-5000 - Word Clouds: Homosexuality (lmao)
SCP-5000 - Time Warps The Past, But it Thwarts The Future
SCP-5000 - Spirit Has Never Fallen From The Land, But It Has From The Cracks In The Earth
SCP-5000 - War is a Force, Not a Word
SCP-5000 - The Devil Is In The Details, And I Will Find It
SCP-5000 - The Man Who Has The Power To Hide The Tears
SCP-5000 - A Normal Day: Amputating A Horse's Tongue
SCP-5000 - On The March Of Those Who Look Like Nobody