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Item#: 4157
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Digital copy of an SCP-4157 instance. Phone number has been expunged.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4157 instances located in civilian populations are to be removed and incinerated.

Individuals determined to have called the number listed on SCP-4157 are to have their residency monitored by Foundation agents until the subsequent package containing an SCP-4157-A instance arrives.

Once the instance arrives, plainclothes agents are to remove the package from their door and place it in an unmarked Foundation vehicle. Once brought to a Foundation site, the SCP-4157-A instance is to be studied for further abnormalities and then incinerated.

Description: SCP-4157 are posters found across North America, reading "WANT DOG? GET FREE DOG BY DADO [sic] (███)-███-████". Despite stating to have been created by the para-entrepreneur "dado", several aspects of SCP-4157 and the events surrounding the anomaly refute this claim. SCP-4157 instances will spontaneously manifest nailed to flat vertical surfaces1 at a rate of approximately one per day.

Calls to to the number listed on SCP-4157 will be picked up by a loud male voice claiming to be dado. This voice will proceed to ask the caller a series of nonsensical and arbitrary questions, before ending the call abruptly. The answers to these questions do not affect the events that follow in any capacity.

Approximately 11 business days after calling the number, an unmarked cardboard box of varying size will appear at the caller's place of residence. Inside this box is an entity comprised of a large amalgamation of various canine parts vaguely resembling a basic canid physique, designated SCP-4157-A. Due to the nature of SCP-4157-A composition, a majority of instances are dead upon arrival. Living SCP-4157-A instances are relatively hostile, attempting to maul nearby individuals and animals.

Shortly after the SCP-4157-A instance's manifestation, the nearest domesticated dog will disappear. This affect disregards any dogs owned by the caller.

Addendum 4157-1: Transcription of a call with the number listed on SCP-4157 conducted by Researcher Charlotte Mehr.


Mehr: Hello?

"DADO": Hello yes I am DADO. Are you wanting the dog yes?

Mehr: Yes, if I could ask a few little questions about—

"DADO": Yes I am very good with the questions I will ask you some now. What is your color that is your favorite yes.

Mehr: Can I ask you something real quick before I answer that?

"DADO": No. What is the favorite color of yours.

Mehr: Uh… purple? I guess?

"DADO": Mhm yes very good.

Mehr: You've stated multiple times that you're uppercase—

"DADO": Don't worry about it. Don't. What is your favorite height yes.

Mehr: Favorite— what do you mean by that?

"DADO": Favorite height the height that is your favorite yes indeed.

Mehr: Does— does six foot work here?

"DADO": Very good yes. The goodestest of the answers. Favorite snake width yes?

Mehr: Snake what?

"DADO": Snake.


Mehr: Are—


Mehr: Jesus! Okay, yo—

"DADO": Jesus is my favorite snake width too yes.

Mehr: You're uh… you're graphic design has changed. What prompted this?

"DADO": DADO strike deal with copywork employee after striking him with the cricket bat yes. Don't worry about it. Favorite in general?

Mehr: So my favorite anything?

"DADO": Yes I am DADO yes.

Mehr: I… like the summer? I'm not sure what you need exactly.

"DADO": Mhm yes very good. What is your favorite method of murdering an elderly couple what which does the living in a two story home with seven windows and two doors?


Mehr: I'm sorry what?

"DADO": You trust DADO. You answer the question and trust DADO like you are told to. You trust DADO, don't you?

Mehr: I don't have an answer to that. How am I suppose—

"DADO": Okay yes very good yes that is all have nice day dog will come soon—

Mehr: Hold on— are you really him? Are you dado?


"DADO": I know you. You are the DADO partner who works with DADO. You are. I've heard about you from DADO who is me.

Mehr: What do you—

"DADO": Stay out of this.


No SCP-4157-A instance was delivered to Mehr's house after this call.

Addendum 4157-2: Shortly after the events of Addendum 4157-1, Mehr received another call from a number verified to be commonly used by dado. The following is a log of said call.


Mehr: Hello?

dado: Hello this is dado, creator of many fine consumer good and no consumer bad. I have very important message though yes, I must import the ants to you.

Mehr: Wait, hold on.

dado: dado—

(Faint knocking in the background of the receiving end.)

dado: dado have not much time to import please hurry.

Mehr: Okay, I'm here, what do you—

dado: You are the frequent consumer of the dado product yes? There is false dado and false dado product running amok. dado not doing the business in muck but soon will get into the exorcism business. the person making free dog product is not dado. that is not dado. False dado uses the uppercases and is not good person who care like dado.

(The knocking in the background becomes much louder. dado is heard hastily walking around.)

dado: dado respect the large hamster and the large gerbil as well. dado like all size of gerbil and hamster and would not do the harming of the large ones for product gain unless necessity.

(The knocking becomes more frantic, unintelligible speech follows in the background.)

Mehr: Do you— uh, do you have any clue who's doing all this?

dado: dado know. Oh does dado know. dado was lonely and in the wanting of friend brother like in movie step brother with the feral will.

(The unintelligible speech becomes louder as the knocking continues. Multiple rodents are squeaking closer to the phone for several second, followed by the shutting of a metal cage.)

dado: dado use fine product and made the mistake. dado resources should be used for making the bestest of the product and not dado shell fish wants. dado was wrong. dado is sorry. dado sorry.

Mehr: Calm down, just— what did you make?

(Knocking crescendos, then suddenly stops.)

dado: …bado.

(Glass shatters. The phone clatters to the ground as footsteps run from the phone. Another set of footsteps approaches slowly. The voice from SCP-4157's call is clearly heard in the distance.)


(The footsteps run away from the phone.)


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