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Civilian holding a deceased SCP-XXXX instance. Instance combusted shortly after this photo was taken.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Three live SCP-XXXX instances are to be contained in the Site-59 Entomology Department.

[other stuff here too but i can't write good conprocs right now]

Description: SCP-XXXX are a species of large1 Caelifera organisms resembling common grasshoppers inhabiting to the American Midwest. SCP-XXXX exoskeletons cause SCP-XXXX to be impervious to internal viewing, with internal damage being caused to SCP-XXXX causing the instance to spontaneously combust. SCP-XXXX do not show normal dietary needs of non-anomalous grasshoppers, and appear to subsist purely on the consumption of natural gases.

SCP-XXXX will obtain such fuel solely through attaching themselves to the mouth or anus of livestock using their mandibles. This allows instances to ingested the large amounts of methane and other gaseous waste products expelled from these orifices. Ingestion of solid waste causes SCP-XXXX to detach, promptly regurgitate said waste, and reattach.

After several days of consumption, SCP-XXXX will detach and relocate to a nearby area with a high elevation. SCP-XXXX will then leap with notable height. This is immediately followed by a large amount of fire and exhaust consistently emerging from the SCP-XXXX instance's anus, which further propels the instance upwards.

Once SCP-XXXX reaches approximately 160 kmph and/or the upper-stratosphere, the instance will disappear. Tracking of instances after this point has failed.

Addendum: A video camera was placed onto a captured SCP-XXXX instance, which then was allowed to go through its normal feeding process. After the instance subsequently rocketed into the stratosphere and disappeared, the following video was captured.


00:00: (SCP-XXXX rapidly glides through in an incandescent tunnel of green and black light. As the instance progresses through the tunnels, images of verdant fields appear within this light.)

01:23: (SCP-XXXX exits the tunnel and lands onto a field of an unidentified species of long grass. SCP-XXXX repeatedly leaps, showing that the rest of the seeable area is covered in the same grass. SCP-XXXX continues jumping forwards.)

02:39: (Music can be heard in the distance, with SCP-XXXX jumping closer to the source.)

02:58: (The music can now be identified as "Jump" by Van Halen. A massive circle of composed of approximately 1,000 SCP-XXXX instances are encircling a speaker and cassette player. All instances are jumping in unison to the beat of the song.)

3:34: (The SCP-XXXX instance reaches the circle, two other instances create a gap in the circle, in which the captured instance enters. Instance assumes the jumping pattern of the others in the circle. Several more SCP-XXXX appear and enter the circle.)

10:02: An SCP-XXXX instance in the circle stops jumping, presumably from exhaustion. The body of the SCP-XXXX instance immediately flies into the speaker, at which point the body is absorbed into the speaker. The cassette player's cassette holder emits a bright green light for several seconds. Audio quality of the music becomes noticeably clearer.//)

1:30:23: (Camera falls off, and is crushed by another SCP-XXXX landing on it.)