The Angels Look at Us


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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a Standard Document Containment Locker. Nearby personnel experiencing scopaesthesia1 are to be relocated immediately.

Information regarding the whereabouts to a copy of The Angels Look at Us is currently under investigation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the only known poster for a 1924 lost silent horror film entitled The Angels Look at Us. Individuals near SCP-XXXX for long periods of time will begin to experience short-term scopaesthesia. This effect is worsened when near cemeteries, funeral homes, and places of religious worship.

This effect will gradually escalate into subjects believing that their close friends and family have been replaced with impostors. Subjects have universally described these impostors as being being many winged and surrounded by intense multicolored light emanations, along with having a lack of eyes.

Despite this supposed lack of eyes, subjects will also describe these impostors as constantly staring at them.


Lon Chaney, circa 1923.

Addendum: The Angels Look at Us is believed to have screened only once to an audience of 42 people at Blue Springs 8 Miller Theater. Few witness reports remain, with many audience members disappearing soon after the screening. Despite overwhelming critical acclaim resulting from this screening, the film was never shown again, with the only given reason by director and film star Lon Chaney being "a terrible mistake that should have been rectified".

Despite intense investigation to locate a copy of The Angels Look at Us, no existing copies could be found. The last copy of The Angels Look at Us was believed to have been destroyed during a fire in a storage facility owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios along with the last copies of several other films. Despite this fire being ruled to have been caused by the ignition of nitrate film, further independent investigations revealed suppressed evidence of arson.

Several incomplete summaries of the film have been found to exist, with the two most cohesive summaries being found below:

  • Found in a collection of upcoming movie advertisements in a 1924 issue of the Blue Springs, Missouri newspaper The Examiner:

"Lon Chaney stars in his newest film The Angels Look at Us, about a mad woman who thinks angels stare at her no matter she goes. Her psychologist, played by Lon Chaney, must quench her delusions before she is declared insane, with little success."

  • Found in a heavily damaged 1924 Boy's Cinema issue:

"The Angels Look at Us starring Marceline Day as "Diane Schultzen" and Lon Chaney as the psychologist "D. B. Boures" is a gripping fright fest that nearly pulls the viewer into the experience itself. The tale follows a psychologist and his patient Diane, whom is stricken with visions of angelic beings watching her. The visual effects for these angels, as we see them through the eyes of Diane, are positively stunning, as if


She begins viewing others in the same light, and grows unable to trust even her own husband. Boures desperately tries to discredit her grandeur claims, but she retorts violently, grabbi


flying out of the screen, dazzling and frighting the audience into a new pair of trousers. A fun theater gag they do is having people seemingly vanish into air throughout this trickery. They soon retrea


ending with her limping out of the office building, bloodied. Overall, a spectacle to behold and truly a marveling show."

Due to the lack of information available, the reasoning for SCP-XXXX's effects cannot be faithfully determined.