scp-3902 extended test log by dado
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hello yes grand director levi jean, it is i, dado once again doing the inquire on the anomaly class bar product. dado notice you do not responding to my many text and bricks hurled through window that show clearly that dado product is test thoroughly. continue to do the testing of the bar eat is the bonker because dado do it for you free of charge. no battering ram used in test operation.

below is the test i have extended for you onto product for you. it is a log of test that you will find has plethora of funny wacky moment. please get back to me soon the franch is almost gone it is hard to get this time of year ok bye

subject: carlos o kelly employee what gave me extra chip

item number: 2

object class: working

risk class: works at carlos o kelly so very risky

fear class: goop

amount of times touch the sun: 0

funny class: didnt laugh

amount of chip touched: many

entire circulatory system class: where it supposed to be

entire muscular system class: not where it supposed to be

conclusion: carlos o kelly suck.

subject: post man who deliver for dado

item #(number)<- the pound sign mean number btw: employee 3538

objective: deliver

problem class: dado

post number: #48350355

post content: help man deliver for feed me bar am dizzy not clickbait gone wrong at 3am

package content: two metric ton of butter cracker hold the peanut

him class: delivered

conclusion: poetic as the delivering man cannot escape delivering i have his liver now mhm