SCP-5000: B████ B██ W██████

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The following document shows signs of self-contamination.

No redactions in this document were added by Foundation personnel.

Item #: SCP-5000 Level 05/5000
Object Class: Keter Classified

Information Contaminated: (0)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5000 itself is currently uncontainable. A majority of information lost to SCP-5000 is inconsequential, with recovery/replacement has been deemed unnecessary. Vital information removed by SCP-5000 is to be considered lost, and is to be conveyed in an alternative manner or replaced with similar information.

Personnel that inquire about unconventional redaction methods used in documents are to be given suitable rebuttals, and made uninterested in this topic as quickly as possible. Memory loss attributed to SCP-5000 is to be reattributed to standard use of amnestics, with lost information being replaced with falsified memories.

Personnel spotting an individual matching the basic description of SCP-5000-█ at Foundation operations are to subdue the individual as quickly as possible.

Information Contaminated: (1)


An early artist depiction of SCP-5000-█.

Description: SCP-5000 is a phenomenon causing the redaction of information on Foundation documentation with black boxes.

Despite Foundation officials opting to primarily use alternative redaction and expungement methods, along with Foundation databases being entirely digital since 2007, black boxes have continued to obscure names, dates, locations, numerical values, and other sensitive information in documentation. SCP-5000 persists in archived physical documentation as well, with information being obscured by black permanent marker.

Attempts to replace information removed by SCP-5000 fail, as said information is unable to be meaningfully recalled after its removal.1 SCP-5000 affects all revisions of digital documents, making reversion to an unaltered state impossible.

The only connection between documents affected by SCP-5000 is a humanoid male, wearing a black bowler hat and a white suit printed with scattered incomprehensible sequences of numbers and letters2, being present sometime in the history of the document's contents. The physical appearance of this individual is never retained the same in each witness's memory, making its identity and exact appearance unknown. This individual is henceforth referred to as SCP-5000-█.

Information Contaminated: (2)

Addendum 5000-1 — Discovery: SCP-5000 was discovered after a majority of black box redaction was found to be unattributed to any Foundation personnel. This coincided with an increase in memory loss within Foundation ranks originally attributed to a widespread misuse of amnestics. Upon several employees coming forward claiming they could not remember their names alongside other information, investigations were launched, finding all information that could not be remembered was replaced with black boxes in Foundation databases.

  • First Document Affected:


Event Description: An unidentified entity ██████████ ██ ███ ████████ ████ from an ████████████ ███████████ █████, travelling at high speeds towards Earth, █████ ████████████ ██ █████ █████.

This occurred directly after the Foundation Departments of the Occult Anomalies and Ectodimensional Anomalies attempted to utilize various rituals to access a higher dimensional plane.

Date of Occurrence: ██/██/████

Location: ████████ ████, ███ █████ ██████

Follow-up Actions Taken: Civilian information related to the manifestation was removed or debunked as a stray asteroid.

  • Second Document Affected:

████ █████.

ID #: ███████

Name: ██████ ███████

Gender: ████

Eyes: █████

Hair: █████

Height: ███ cm

DoB ██/██/██

Security Clearance Level: 5

Occupation: RAISA Operator

Assigned Site: Site-██, Floor #██, Office Space #███

Further Information: Assigned to the █████████ of █████████ ███████████ propagating in the documentation of select infohazardous, memetic, and cognitohazardous anomalies.

Information Contaminated: (39)

Addendum 5000-2 — Sightings: Notable sightings of SCP-5000-█.

FOREWORD: SCP-5000-█ is seen on Site-12 surveillance footage inside a hall of the Safe-Class Object containment wing whilst it is empty. SCP-5000-█ is not seen entering this area through any neighboring entryways.


(SCP-5000-█ walks into frame. It looks around, and then sits down on a bench.)

SCP-5000-█: Okay. (Inhales, then exhales.) Okay.

(SCP-5000-█ removes several papers from its suit. SCP-5000-█ begins shuffling through them, and pulls multiple pencils out of its breast pocket.)

SCP-5000-█: Okay.

(Janitor Halmboro enters the hallway. He notices SCP-5000-█, slowing down as he approaches it.)

Halmboro: Haven't seen you around.

SCP-5000-█: I- What?

Halmboro: Oh, I know most of all the folks around here. (Chuckles.) Yeah, you new?

SCP-5000-█: Sure, yes. New here.

Halmboro: Well, welcome then! Who might you be?

SCP-5000-█: That's— uh, you're a janitor, you can't know that. You're a janitor.

Halmboro: Ah, a classified man I see. You sure do got some class, I must say. (Chuckles.)

SCP-5000-█: Yeah.

(Halmboro sits down next to SCP-5000-█, SCP-5000-█ slowly slides to the other side of the bench.)

Halmboro: Everything's always classified for me. Yeah, not one thing I can know in this place. And this is one of the chill Sites from what I heard on the ol' grapevine.

SCP-5000-█: Maybe you don't want to know everything.

Halmboro: (Chuckles.) I'm sure I don't!

SCP-5000-█: There's a reason stuff's redacted. Expunged. Or maybe there isn't. Maybe it's all just noise.

Halmboro: What yeah mean by that? If I'm allowed to know, at least.

SCP-5000-█: The stuff nobody cares about. Those little numbers. The dates. The names. All that. All just noise. Nobody cares about all that. Nobody.

Halmboro: I'm uh, I think I'm lost here.

SCP-5000-█: Tell me, what's your name?

Halmboro: Halmboro… ████ Halmboro?

SCP-5000-█: Exactly.


Halmboro: Well I uh, I gotta get going, you know where everything's at right? Toilets? Vending machines?

SCP-5000-█: I'm good.

Halmboro: Alright-y.

(Halmboro gets up and leaves. SCP-5000-█ writes on the papers for ten minutes, before suddenly getting up and leaving the view of the camera.)


CLOSING STATEMENT: Halmboro later reported SCP-5000-█ to a superior. SCP-5000-█ could not be found anywhere in Site-12 and was also not seen exiting the facility on any surveillance systems.

Information Contaminated: (73)

Addendum 5000-3 — Incident 5000/1: bad things happen

██████ █████████ █████████




Information Contaminated: (a massive fuck ton)