What the Static Saw


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Image of SCP-XXXX recovered from SCP-XXXX-A. The identity of the individual in the photograph is unknown.



Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard medium-sized storage locker. SCP-XXXX-A has been purchased by the Foundation, civilians attempting to access SCP-XXXX-A are to be deterred.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an 1960s-era wooden television set. When SCP-XXXX is tuned to any dead signal, the sound of the resulting static will only be heard through the ground floor ceiling of a derelict farmhouse in ████████, Iowa (SCP-XXXX-A).

Subjects viewing static produced by SCP-XXXX-A for long uninterrupted periods of time will report seeing vague images within the static, most commonly two feminine humanoids engaging in various romantic or violent activities.

This effect auditorily pertains to the noise of the static in SCP-XXXX. With subjects staring at the ceiling and listening to the static unimpeded hearing vague sounds of laughing, muffled speaking, screaming, and dragging.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered in the attic floor of SCP-XXXX-A tuned to static. It is currently unknown what prompted SCP-XXXX's recovery. Recovery agents reported the strong smell similar to that of a rotting corpse, although no bodies were found on scene. Agents later found that their guns contained less bullets after exiting SCP-XXXX-A. No bullets nor bullet holes were found at the scene upon further investigation.

Addendum: On 1989/8/22, a test was performed, wherein one D-Class was situated in front of SCP-XXXX while another was staring at the ground floor ceiling of SCP-XXXX-A. SCP-XXXX was then tuned to a dead signal. Both subjects were instructed to write down what they saw and heard respectively, while not breaking sight from these objects.

The following is a transcription of what they each transcribed: