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On 10/21/85, Mavis washed ashore east coast of the United Kingdom, with the wreckage being discovered by civilian law enforcement. Foundation agents were soon deployed to the scene, where standard cover-up procedures were enacted. Further investigation resulted in the recovery of logs from a surveillance system, a still recording broken film camera, and various documentation related to SCP-4667 left behind by Jekaterina.

Title Type of thingy Status
A Spiritual Milk-cessor SCP half draft
Poker-mon SCP rough-ish draft
Gonna Solve that Mystery SCP Self-Rewrite (incomplete)
Cemetary... Portal? SCP (SCP-356-ARC) Rewrite (incomplete)
Scooby Doo Pirates SCP Collab w/ Deadly BreadDeadly Bread
al e and slav SCP Collab with Tyvan DelfarTyvan Delfar

i guess i'm here now.

(bare with me whilst I get some stuff moved over)

ideas :

a statue that everyone assumes is a statue man street performer, but is literally just a statue. everyone just keeps giving this statue money.

Tag Request — dental

dental tag - SCP is, affects, or is otherwise related to teeth or dentistry.

The main reason I want this tag is, well, there's no real tag that connects all these teeth skips from what I see, and it was a bit of a pain to find teeth skips when I was writing my own.

Other ARCs that I could rewrite:

  • 406-ARC - ears. waxing moon cycle.
  • 1023-ARC - bootleg telekill. bootleg anomaly makers.
  • 089-ARC (attempting to) - stages of grief.
  • 048-ARC - other sandbox has this more fleshed out.
  • 728-ARC - peta made deers that murder hunters.

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