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I like this, but there's a few things I'll say.

, and the more drastic efforts people will go to trying to have NMS finished.

I'm not really sure about this compulsion effect. It feel unnecessary to this but also could make sense here. I like the imagery of a bunch of people having fun in a massive temple but are instead just, like, wallowing in a grassy muddy hill. This could be an interesting scenario of in order to contain the effect, they just finish the monument. That being said — that also could be seen as "neutralizing" the affect, which may in some people's canons be out of character for the Foundation.

My main problem could be how limited your audience for this would be if you made it too much about Scotland history, because then, only people from Scotland will be able to appreciate this to its fullest extent. I'm not Scottish and therefore I don't believe I'm appreciating the message of this enough as-is.